Brie Pinazzo

My Family on the Internet Most people who know me know that I am a real life mom and kind of wife (we aren’t married but been together for a long time). But what a lot of people don’t know is that is basically all the family I have. I am estranged from my parents, […]

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Sylvia Olivier

One thing that I find to be true in Second Life is that it is very rare to find something that is permanent and when you do hold on to it the best you can. I’ve been here almost seven years this coming December. I started Second Life not expecting too much out of it […]

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Tigist Sapphire

Classic internal dialogue; “You left it to the last minute didn’t you?” “Well yes, but I’ve been sick for the last few days.” “You’ve known about it since last year!  You have no excuse!” “Wait, I broke my leg in January, doesn’t that count?” Yes, that was a literal internal dialogue that has been going […]

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Spoiledrotten Mahogany

My name is Spoiledrotten Mahogany better known as SR and I am a SL Fashion Blogger.  I’m pretty much a low key person that loves to explore SL, spend time with my mom and shop way too much.  But I blame the excessive shopping on my mom…lol.   I started SL blogging just as sometime to […]

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Dinalya Dawes

Up until recently my Second Life was this awkward blabbering of an explanation to people when they asked me where I worked.  It isn’t always easy to explain how you work in a virtual world doing resident support for virtual land. Basically, assisting those that ‘own’ nothing in a place where you can do anything. […]

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Isley Oodles

Hi, I’m Isley. I’ve never felt like I belonged anywhere. With the way my RL family treats me, I don’t feel like I belong in my own family. I’ve always been the black sheep, and while I’ve come to terms with that being my role, it still left  a sort of…Hollow spot in my heart. […]

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Lolita Oleander

Hello my name is Lolita Oleander and I started to explore SecondLife® on January 21, 2009. I just recently had my four year SL rezday. Time sure does fly by fast once you start looking at dates and anniversaries. My SL life is pretty great right now. *smiles* I am a part of The Oleander […]

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