Lexia Barzane

Most of the posts on this great project start with some background information so I thought I would do the same! I’ve been in second life since the 3rd April 2007. I’m from the UK and discovered SL by reading about it in a magazine, got curious and 6 and a half years later I’m […]

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Kaiden Diavolo

One year ago I packed up and waved good-bye to Second Life….or at least I thought. Like so many people, I had no intentions of looking for love when I entered SL. It was an escape from a relationship turned sour and a life in a downward spiral. Not sure what it was that pushed […]

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Harlow Heslop

“How did you meet?” It’s a question I hear often in my real life, and I still, to this day, am never quite sure how people are going to react to it.  My usual response? “We met, online, by accident.” How on earth, do you explain a world so complex?  A place so special?  An […]

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