Trace Osterham

2008 —     I’ll get this one, I tell him, sliding change for two Mountain Dews across the pharmacy counter. We wade through the humidity, tramp across the faint scent of dog piss wafting up from the East Village sidewalk. Hands damp from condensation and sweat, I fumble with the bright green plastic cap. […]

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Katya Valeska

Today’s my Rez Day in world. This is something I’ve never given thought to about or even bothered to think about, but more and more I have watched people speak about their Rez Day like a RL birthday. So, I guess that Katya is four years today. Four years of Second Life – involving heartache, […]

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Reyn Lightcloud

———————– Hi, I’m Reyn Lightcloud.  I’ve been around in Second Life since 04, though I had a long and not entirely my idea break for a few years.  I suppose I’m supposed to write a bit about what I do in SL on a daily basis, and a little bit about myself, and how it […]

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Harlow Heslop

“How did you meet?” It’s a question I hear often in my real life, and I still, to this day, am never quite sure how people are going to react to it.  My usual response? “We met, online, by accident.” How on earth, do you explain a world so complex?  A place so special?  An […]

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Alicia Chenaux

I always tell people I got my island in the divorce. It’s true, in a way, only it wasn’t my divorce.  In 2008, my partner needed to leave Second Life for a while to get some real life things in order, but before he left, he told me he wanted me to take his island. […]

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SoShay Sugarplum

Hey there! My name is SoShay Sugarplum, or Shay Elena Villota-Solano in world. I am 33 years old in Real Life and am from Tennessee. I am a blogger in Second Life and am a total fashion and photography addict. I have an amazing group of friends and family that I love spending time with. […]

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