Harvest Dezno

Hello there! If anyone that even reads my blog, you’ll know that I am really really bad at writing out a bunch of words together. Having to write this post will be the death of me, but I really wanted to show y’all who and what I’m really about. So anyways, here it goes! I […]

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Shiloh Selene (Barbie Glas)

Let’s set the record straight… I referred to myself as an “undomestic goddess” eons before Sophie Kinsella put out that book (the book was aces by the way, a great fluffy read).  I knew that I was destined for goddess-dom at age 5 when I refused to wear trendy little sneakers out to play, like the other […]

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Kaelyn Alecto

Ohai, my name is Kaelyn Alecto and in real life I go by the name of Sylvia. I am a 29 years old, very proud mom from The Netherlands. My Second Life adventure started on February 20, 2010. I watched a special on Second Life the day before on Discovery channel and I got curious. […]

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