Opal Lei

Seven years. My real life seems to be divided into segments that are factors of seven years. I was married soon after I turned 21. I was divorced 14 years later. I worked in Corporate America for 14 years. I owned my first condo for 7 years, and I’m about to transfer another family property […]

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Garrett Ceriano

Today is my father’s Birthday in RL… or, at least it would be if he was still with us. Usually I am very down around this time of the year because of this and I must say that for once around this time, I am happy. It’s been 6 years since he passed away and […]

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Takuya Kawashima

18 August 2012 It’s 5 AM in a tiny house in the old town of Osaka. The air condition is set to max but it’s hot and humid as I wake up and make a coffee. I open my laptop and check emails as I hear the sound of tiny feet on the hardwood floor. […]

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Isabelli Anatine

Hi all, my name is Isabelli Anatine, my operator is a Brazilian woman that is a crazy cat lady. It all started when I was suffering from boredom and suddenly I thought I could try the “new” thing the tv was talking about, a game called second life, that resembled a little The Sims, but […]

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MandyLeigh Sweetwater

I, honestly, wasn’t sure what I was going to write as my entry.  Do I write about my friends in Second Life?  Should I talk about the people I’ve gotten to work with?  Maybe I could mention the things I’ve done?  Or I could always talk about how I found Second Life and what I […]

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Sylvia Olivier

One thing that I find to be true in Second Life is that it is very rare to find something that is permanent and when you do hold on to it the best you can. I’ve been here almost seven years this coming December. I started Second Life not expecting too much out of it […]

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Vanity Mirror

Where to begin lol. I think I’ve told the story of how I came to SL a few times, but it’s still hilarious to me so here we go! I have a very good “internet” friend that I’ve known now for 9 years but we aren’t in constant contact now like we were once upon […]

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