Kamalin Bailey

I discovered Second Life many years ago through an erotica stories website.  The author had tried out SL and had many tips on skins, shapes, movement and naughty adventures. I figured why just read about someone else’s fantasies when I could be creating my own? Having absolutely no gaming experience and never having right clicked […]

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Saffron Foxclaw

I’m not sure how many times I’ve written this out, I just don’t *do* talking about myself! I was putting together my wedding website with my fiancé and I deleted the “about us” page; much as I love to talk, yabbering on about myself is not high on my favourite things list….. When I was […]

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Tigist Sapphire

Classic internal dialogue; “You left it to the last minute didn’t you?” “Well yes, but I’ve been sick for the last few days.” “You’ve known about it since last year!  You have no excuse!” “Wait, I broke my leg in January, doesn’t that count?” Yes, that was a literal internal dialogue that has been going […]

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Eleanor Ocheis

My long term relationship with my boyfriend was failing. The details don’t really matter in the long run, just that I was struggling to hold us together and had been doing so for over a year. The computer had always been a double edged sword for us. While I thrived online and flitted from community […]

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Spoiledrotten Mahogany

My name is Spoiledrotten Mahogany better known as SR and I am a SL Fashion Blogger.  I’m pretty much a low key person that loves to explore SL, spend time with my mom and shop way too much.  But I blame the excessive shopping on my mom…lol.   I started SL blogging just as sometime to […]

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Harper Beresford

When I was a youngster, I went to grad school in anthropology and one of the biggest topics was marriage. When I joined Second Life and I saw that partner slot, I thought it was a really interesting idea. Do people partner romantically, for business, for fun? I decided if I ever went back to […]

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Elysium Hynes

Calm is what I think of most of my SL life which is strange in a grid constantly moving with new people, new places, new creations, people reinventing themselves constantly, keeping this little world moving and shaking. But so far for the past almost 6 years now my SL life has been mostly calm me […]

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