Garrett Ceriano

Today is my father’s Birthday in RL… or, at least it would be if he was still with us. Usually I am very down around this time of the year because of this and I must say that for once around this time, I am happy. It’s been 6 years since he passed away and […]

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Chance Raynier

Today, April 30th 2013 is my 40th birthday!  It is also doubly special for me because 2 years ago on this day, I asked Gabriella to marry me.  So indulge me in taking you on a journey, one of sorrow, happiness, joy and pain, but most importantly, hope and love. I remember the first days […]

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Lelu Anatine

About ten months ago I had an epiphany.  I was reading an article comparing the number of things we do in our everyday lives to things that bring us joy. How many of them do I fit into my life? How often do I do things I truly love?  After thinking about it for a […]

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Angel Slocombe

“SL becomes so enmeshed in your life that you can’t remember it NOT being there” I just said this to my best friend in SL and it’s so true. In 6 years I’ve done so much, made more memories than I’m sure you’re prepared to sit and read about and I’ve met so many wonderful, and […]

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Valena Vacano

I’ve been a lot of things in Second Life. I’ve been a neko, a model, a photographer, a store owner, a stripper, an escort, a scene kid, a club hopper, a roleplayer, and a griefer. In 6 years, I’ve been many things, but I’ve never been important. SL has done a lot for me over […]

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Autumn Amaranth

How did I get here?  Two years and four months ago I was in the most trivial conversation that changed my life in a curious way.  I have always been a gamer at heart, and I still connect with friends across the continent once in a while for Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire or some […]

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Reema Xue

For a long time I have felt I’ve never really fully belonged anywhere in my Real Life. I’m ‘dual-cultured’ for want of a better word, the  most simple way I can explain it is when I’m with my Father’s side of the family, I sometimes feel too ‘Western’ and when I’m with my Mothers family […]

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