Caelan Hancroft

You know that song “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks? That’s how I feel about my life, both RL and SL actually. I have lots of roles in both lives, but the best thing about SL to me is I can reinvent myself at any time. Back to the song… I’ve been a lot of things in […]

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Asthenia Pinazzo

How does Second Life involves itself into my real life? To say it’s a hobby would be true. But it’s also so much more than that. In the 5 years that I have been wandering around in this virtual world, it has always been the place where I could experiment with stepping outside of my […]

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Bouncer Criss

I sat in a hotel room in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania bored to tears.  It was snowing so bad, the job I was in Pittsburgh to do was on hold, so we all sat around in our rooms with a whole lot of nothing to do.  I noticed over a few days, my roommate was playing some […]

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Charisma Jonesford

It’s Valentine’s Day. To many people this is a special day of the year to spend an extra romantic moment with their significant other. The only guy I’ve spent Valentine’s Day with is two years old and likes to grab my butt. Two years ago today I took this job as a live in nanny […]

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Lucie Bluebird

My Second Life and Real Life have been intertwined from the moment I was “born” in SL. In January 2009, my RL husband joined SL to get me out of YoVille (does anyone even remember YoVille?). He thought it was silly, and he’d very briefly had an SL account in 2004. It took me 4 […]

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Autumn Amaranth

How did I get here?  Two years and four months ago I was in the most trivial conversation that changed my life in a curious way.  I have always been a gamer at heart, and I still connect with friends across the continent once in a while for Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire or some […]

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Reema Xue

For a long time I have felt I’ve never really fully belonged anywhere in my Real Life. I’m ‘dual-cultured’ for want of a better word, the  most simple way I can explain it is when I’m with my Father’s side of the family, I sometimes feel too ‘Western’ and when I’m with my Mothers family […]

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