Daniella Riaxik

It’s unbelievable that today marks four years that my Dani was “born” into the wonderful world of Second Life. I wasn’t sure what I would write when I signed up for this many, many moons ago and sitting here now I am still not sure. Second Life is a big part of my virtual persona, […]

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Jordan Whitt

It’s sad how you go from intimacy to nothing, cold turkey. I mean, how many people along the way have true meaning in your life?  And to suddenly have no contact, after … it’s sad. ~ Boston Legal – Season 4 Episode 2 It’s funny how a line in a fictional TV show can echo your […]

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Isabelli Anatine

Hi all, my name is Isabelli Anatine, my operator is a Brazilian woman that is a crazy cat lady. It all started when I was suffering from boredom and suddenly I thought I could try the “new” thing the tv was talking about, a game called second life, that resembled a little The Sims, but […]

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Harvest Dezno

Hello there! If anyone that even reads my blog, you’ll know that I am really really bad at writing out a bunch of words together. Having to write this post will be the death of me, but I really wanted to show y’all who and what I’m really about. So anyways, here it goes! I […]

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Cindy Gedenspire

When I received my notice that it was time for my post…anxiety hit on what to write about since I don’t fancy myself a writer.  My thoughts moved to all the things I needed to do and “write” too.  But that’s exactly the reason I signed up for this…to challenge myself to write.  I’m really […]

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Synful Ghost

April 29, 2013 is my Fourth Rez Day. I still remember to this day how I got started on Second life.  My best friend, Brawen Larsen and I were chatting on a game called Furcadia. She kept telling me about this game where we could actually be furries and that I could become a lapine! […]

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Willow Zander

Today is my eldest child’s 13th birthday.  I am the owner of a teenager?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?   I started Second Life when she was merely a toddler, well ok a bit older. I am 9 years old next month.. that’s… old.  I have seen many things come, many things go, many things change, many things […]

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