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Lexia Barzane - Profile PictureMost of the posts on this great project start with some background information so I thought I would do the same!

I’ve been in second life since the 3rd April 2007. I’m from the UK and discovered SL by reading about it in a magazine, got curious and 6 and a half years later I’m still here. Over the years I’ve done a few different jobs, mainly working in clubs until one day I decided to become a blogger. My plan was to undertake project 365 in SL but as with many things I got busy didn’t finish that and just developed the blog as a fashion blog, blogging the amazing clothes, shoes etc that I find in SL.

I wanted to talk about the pretty major change that happened in my real life as a result of Second Life this year.

We all moan about SL how it’s down, not working, how people aren’t truthful etc but there’s a reason we all come back and that’s the people. I have some amazing friends like Atiya, Shania, Krissy and Curry who have been in my SL and RL for years and I hope always will remain there. There are a few who left a huge mark but didn’t stay and I’m sad to no longer see them often but hope they are having a good life.

You also always know someone who made the leap and met the person they fell for in RL. Some succeed and some don’t but its the adventure that is great I think.

I met my boyfriend Caelum in SL just before my first Rez day way back in April 2008. He is Australian his rez day is also my RL birthday which was yesterday so it must be fate right!?! Our eyes met across a crowded club… ok ok he IM’d me and we had a quick chat before one of us (can’t remember who now) went offline/crashed and we started our friendship by way of funny offline messages until we managed to synchronise time zones and chat in world properly.

From there we became good friends and he would always make me laugh and smile away until we realised we really LIKED each other! Only trouble was I was in England and he was in Australia and time zones seriously suck, there is no other way to describe it.

The first real date I remember was when he tp’d me to a sky platform, gave me a parachute and practically kicked me off! It was a blast!!! From there we did not lost of exploring around SL, dancing and falling asleep in random sims so that we didn’t want to log off and leave the other there (usually me falling asleep poor Caelum)

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Around this time I was trying to qualify in my job as a lawyer which mades things much more tricky and around Christmas in 2009 we decided to take a break remaining friends whilst we life got on track and decided what we wanted in life and things.

In the meantime Caelum told me he was coming to the UK for a while, I assumed to visit people he knew here and thought it would be good to meet up, but it turns out he came and spent a whole amazing month with me! We did a tour around the UK visiting places we both had never been and thats a pretty cool experience and it was heartbreaking when he went home with lots of tears for me at Heathrow airport!!

Of course how exactly do you tell your friends and family that your boyfriend from Australia who you met in SL is coming to stay with you! I was rubbish and left it right to the last minute which did not go down well initially but they all love Caelum and in between my visit to see him in Australia six months later (lots more tears when I had to fly home), talk turned to whether I would move to Australia.

I planned and was working towards applying for a visa based with my job as that was the easiest way to make sure I could find a job as soon as I got there, that though could take several years so when I found out I could go on a working holiday visa for a year I jumped at the chance.

So October 2012 I applied for and was granted a visa and then the waiting began as I’d booked a ticket to visit in August 2013 so it made sense to go as planned and then just stay on. 

This time was quite difficult as I didn’t see Caelum in RL between my visit in July 2012 and arriving in August 2013 and that’s a long long time to be apart. We spoke all the time via Skype, Viber (amazing iPhone app) and text message, often many times a day which helped and I loved our lunch dates come rain or shine, well my lunchtime his bedtime, when we would chat about everything and anything.

Then the time came when I had to resign and could finally tell everyone who didn’t know what was happening, what I was doing and the response was amazing but also kind of terrifying as it was now really happening, I would be leaving my friends and family behind to begin this adventure with Caelum. 

My friends gave me a spectacular send off complete with strippers and karaoke lots of goodbyes later I was on the plane and on my way. That journey took so long especially after a tearful family farwell and then I was back with Caelum and it was like we hadn’t been apart.

I’ve been in Australia for just over 3 months. It’s so beautiful here and I can’t help checking the weather back home and being not so secretly thrilled I’m missing that weather. Even when it rains because its the wet season I think ahhh this is home.

It’s had its tough moments like finding a job which took forever it seemed and just as I was starting to panic a brilliant job came along so now I just have to wait and see if it can become a little less temporary so I don’t have to start the hunt again after Christmas.

It’s also so hard being away from your family and friends even when you can Skype, FaceTime etc. Two of my best friends just had babies in RL and it’s tough missing those first cuddles with them when their so small but I know I’ll see them when I’m back in the UK when my visa ends next year or when I go back for a wedding if I can stay on at the end.

There’s no quick fix for this and I wouldn’t want things to be different as ultimately being with Caelum is exactly what I want and now I just to battle the paperwork so I can stay here permanently.

So yeah SL is a huge annoying pain sometimes and its so hard to trust people because some are very hurtful or just don’t tell the truth but I don’t regret a second of it, even the pretty crappy moments, because I found the man I love as cheesy as that sounds as well as some very cool amazing friends from all over the world and both my first and second lives are going pretty well.

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