Cali Karsin

ColorsWow, I still can’t believe it’s been four years already for me in Second Life. It seems just like yesterday I was parading around as a real teenage noob. I look back and realize now, I have been playing SL for 1/5 of my entire life!!! Can you believe that? My noob days were pretty sweet though. Let me tell you about them.

I used to be obsessed with World of Warcraft, and I cannot say I was very good. I tried and tried, and did ok as a little blood death knight, and I was lucky when my guild would take me along to raids and dungeons even though I probably was carried mostly. I won’t deny my suckage, partly because of cheap internet connection, partly because I had a terrible laptop for gaming with a terrible graphics card, and most of the way I didn’t even have a mouse!! True gamers will cringe at that one hehe.

Anyhow, along my travels through WoW, I really felt like it was missing personality, I couldn’t really express my true creativity. I was crazy in love with my first online love with no way to express how I felt but hours upon hours of us being there for each other in Ventrillo and always being there to save each other during our darkest days of being camped and ganked galore.

Our mutual friend saw our situation and she said, hey, why don’t you play Second Life? At that point I had no idea what Second Life was, but after long talks with her about what it was about, she offered to help and out imaginations went wild! We decided right then and there we were going to join together and get married! I was a delusional 17 year old in love.

VAMPIRENSUICIDE FINAAALLLL!!!We join December 23rd 2009, and she helped get us started, gave us hair and skins as she was a designer at the time, gave us some noobie clothing landmarks, and we were off on a roller coaster of a lifetime. By the end of week one I got my first job working at a club, I remember my first boss said, “Alright, I’ll give you a shot, but don’t let me down!” So I worked hours upon hours trying to be the best staff member in the club, trying to make her proud and not let her down and for a first job, I made some decent money, I was able to pay my rent with this adorable little Inverse house we bought, and still have some left over to send myself to modeling school.

Model Pages International is what the school was called, and after being accepted, I was off to the world of modeling. As I started attending with absolutely NO education on modeling at first, it seemed everyone already knew so much more than me, and that’s probably because they did! I made friends with a lovely model named Lulu Breur or something like that, sorry if I butchered the name, and she showed me the ropes and within a few weeks I had my first certificate of completion at MPI!

Beginning to plan my wedding, as well as try and earn some linden in world to pay for my noobie modeling dreams, I realized soon that no amount of money I was gonna make as a newbie without uploading was going to cover even half the some of these modeling expenses just to be able to style myself to get ready for styling contests for runway.

All in all, I was in a total of maybe 3-4 runway shows in my SL time, and soon I realized it really wasn’t for me, too expensive, walking down the runway gave me a heart attack and I just couldn’t handle it, as well as such hard competition, it really is a dog eat dog world, you either keep up and find more and more new ways to stand out and climb above all the other desperate models or they will leave you in the dust and you’re just another pretty face.

My fiance and I soon broke up over silly reasons, but mostly because I was insecure and felt like he was seeing other women behind my back, and wasn’t willing to take the risk. To this day I have never been married in SL. I don’t really think I am missing out, I’ve lived through so many friends weddings, and being 21 in real life, I am not ready to get married in SL just as I am not ready in RL. Simple as that. And life moved on, I kept playing, even though my main objective for playing in the first place was no more.

Soon I got into real estate and started selling land as well as hosting, made some ok money and was able to pay my rent and have some left over to burn, and soon met my best friend who changed my life forever, Angelina Lerintzo, ex-ceo of Levity Magazine. She is still like a sister to me even though she quit sadly in SL. We first met at a poetry reading in SL. I was using slam poetry or whatever it is called, and totally venting about my rl ex who broke my heart, and she said she liked it and did good, and our friendship flourished from there for being mutually creative and having high aspirations in life. Times like this make me believe that everything truly does happen for a reason.

She still amazes me as being likely the youngest magazine publisher in SL history, owning her own magazine at 18, as well as her own television show, and commercial sim. I want to follow in her footsteps. The coolest thing about her is, we met in real life! She moved from Jakarta Indonesia to Manhattan NYC, and suddenly, the best friend I never thought I would be able to meet finally became a realistic aspiration and that summer, we met! We spent the day together going out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and ran around in Times Square, enjoying each others company and it was fantastic!

I was able to kick off my bucket list my dream to meet someone from SL in RL, and was off to the stars with the rest of my dreams. After a rough patch that almost made me quit SL when my my heart was broke over drama of losing 3 of my best friends in SL, I found the strength to come back and was in the down-low for quite a while, just blogging and relaxing at my home.

Until the day I saw a notice that ICON Magazine was looking for an entertainment editor! I applied that day and Jordan Whitt called me on Skype, talking about the job role and seeing what kind of person I was, and that day Jordan, Potvin Tigerpaw and Sahara Mehrtens hired me.

HEADSHOTFor 5 months I had the time of my life, being the boss of my own section and helped the two writers in my section, Zephyr Windgate and Emma Brooks and we released two amazing issues promoting amazing people like singers Samm Qendra and Marky Helstein, and artists like Nessuno Myoo. ICON closed its doors in July 2013 and sad as I was, I was determined to move on to pursue my dreams further, and if it wasn’t for ICON I wouldn’t have met some of my closest friends today who worked for my section back during the days of ICON.

I now work for AVENUE and blog at and couldn’t be happier with all the lovely amazing people I have been given a chance to meet so far and all the great experiences I have been graced with so far. Now I have great projects in the works for next year, and am hoping in 2014 I will finally be able to achieve all my dreams I have left for this virtual world of Second Life.

So marking my fourth rezday in SL, I would like to say thank you to each and every person in my life who has graced me with love and support. Some thank you’s will go out to Angelina Lerintzo, Stringfellow Greenwood, Carmichael Caudron, Emma Brooks, Zephyr Windgate, ICON team, and every other person who has graced my life and always been there for me, I really do appreciate every single one. All these coincidences make my life what it is in both SL and RL and each and every one is genuine. I love every day coming to work for AVENUE, and taking loads of fun pictures for my blog, photoshopping away doing the best I possibly can for each and every one, and working on other projects I can’t wait to see come to life.

This truly has changed my RL in every aspect imaginable, and I don’t know where I would be without all these experiences. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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