Cali Karsin

Wow, I still can’t believe it’s been four years already for me in Second Life. It seems just like yesterday I was parading around as a real teenage noob. I look back and realize now, I have been playing SL for 1/5 of my entire life!!! Can you believe that? My noob days were pretty […]

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Daniella Riaxik

It’s unbelievable that today marks four years that my Dani was “born” into the wonderful world of Second Life. I wasn’t sure what I would write when I signed up for this many, many moons ago and sitting here now I am still not sure. Second Life is a big part of my virtual persona, […]

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Sway Dench

My name is Sway Dench, I’m owner and creator of Sway’s. I thought a lot about this, what to write about. I wrote a lot and trashed it again. It was not good. Now I have 3 days left and I am still in front of a blank paper. If you asked me to describe […]

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December Dollinger

As a child, I marked each day off of the calendar, waiting impatiently for the warmer summer months and the final ring of the school bell announcing my freedom to the streets & swimming pools of my hometown.  Those days, time seemed to go by a bit slower.  A minute could feel like an eternity […]

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Haisley Resident

I thought I would have something to talk about….but I don’t, not really. So I’m just going to ramble on and I hope you can manage to bare with me. Alright, so… It’s nearly the end of July and in August I’ll have been around in SL for two years. Two might not seem that […]

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Tishi Kozlov

Everyone needs an escape from reality.  My husband has always turned to either his PS3 or Xbox 360 to unwind after a long day at work.  I always felt sort of left out, because I do not know how to play those games very well at all.  That all changed when my real life best friend […]

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Arora Zanzibar

All About Arora Age:  I have been in SL since 2005 (not on this account though) Hobbies: I love to blog and explore random places Work:  I have a little store that I have had since 2009 called Zanzibar creationZ Likes: Thinking outside the square, especially when it comes to my avatars look Dislikes: facelights, […]

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