Harlow Heslop

“How did you meet?”

It’s a question I hear often in my real life, and I still, to this day, am never quite sure how people are going to react to it.  My usual response?

“We met, online, by accident.”

How on earth, do you explain a world so complex?  A place so special?  An environment so unique?  I sure as hell can’t figure out what to tell people, and I’ve been in Second Life for almost seven years total.  How do you go about explaining to someone that you’ve met the love of your life, and your very closest friends in this dynamic digital world?


*My soulmate Arkansas Sorbet and I*

How do you tell someone that you met your significant other as he was trespassing aimlessly across your plot of virtual land?  (Your plot of land on a haunted role play sim, where you role played as a vampire. Yes. A vampire.)  That you spoke for months on end, nonstop, and finally met up in the the sticks of Arkansas, USA for the first time?  That in less than a year after meeting, you packed your bags, loaded up your little VW beetle, and moved away from all your family, and all your friends to be with this person a handful of states away, and halfway across the country.  To most people, that just labels you as a crazy person, but for me it was my biggest adventure.  The best part? I know I have so many more adventures with him to come.

What do I have to thank for that? I have Second Life to thank for that.


*My bestie Remy Stringfellow and I*

How do you tell someone that your very best friend is someone you’ve never met in person?  That you very well may never meet them in person, but they will always be your closest friend?  That your best friend and you have endless similarities, but dynamic differences as well? Different genders, a strong age gap, different beliefs, and two strikingly different personalities in many ways, would have made it near impossible to connect in our real lives in the ways we’ve connected here.  You know, in your heart you would have never became best friends in any real life circumstances, but because of the dynamics of this crazy virtual world, and the reliance of strong communication you did just that.

What do I have to thank for that? I have Second Life to thank for that.


*My best girlfriend, Paige Patrucci and I being goofy like always*

How do you explain to someone that your closest friends, the people you trust most, and so many of the things you hold dear in your life came from a completely virtual place?  How on earth do you explain the friendships?  The laughter? The parties? The happiness? The heartache? How do you explain the LIFE you’ve created for yourself here?  The life that intertwines so perfectly with your real one when you let it?  My life (virtual and real) is filled with so much happiness, fulfillment, and joy.  It’s filled with wonderful people and endless adventures.

What do I have to thank for that? I have Second Life to thank for that.

Obligatory Bio:

Harlow Heslop has been an active member of the Second Life Grid since January of 2006 (on Harlow since January of 2008).  She is focused on running The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse, a virtual cafe here in the Second Life Community, her residential sim called “The Grounds”, as well as being an avid blogger here in the community.  You can find her blog at WWW.HARLOWHESLOP.COM


2 thoughts on “Harlow Heslop

  1. Meeting your other half online is never an easy story to relay. You are so excited and elated to have found this person and yet it gets to that point of where, how and you feel yourself go man how do I explain this! Thank you for sharing your story Harlow. What does SecondLife have to be thankful for? Harlow Heslop. Over the course of your time here on the grid, you have brought a great deal to so many of us. From a kind word, to a beautiful venue to feel like home, to bond and enjoy each others company, and great music. You lend an ear, a kind word and always a brighter side, and that SecondLife has not jaded you or snuffed out that beautiful positivism that shines from you is in itself a gift. Thank you for sharing your 365!

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