Garrett Ceriano

Today is my father’s Birthday in RL… or, at least it would be if he was still with us. Usually I am very down around this time of the year because of this and I must say that for once around this time, I am happy. It’s been 6 years since he passed away and […]

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Elysium Hynes

Calm is what I think of most of my SL life which is strange in a grid constantly moving with new people, new places, new creations, people reinventing themselves constantly, keeping this little world moving and shaking. But so far for the past almost 6 years now my SL life has been mostly calm me […]

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Guenevere DeCuir

March 27th… my official 6th Rez Day in Second Life. Six years doesn’t seem like a long time to most, but within the vast world of Second Life it seems like so much longer. I actually heard about Second Life through an old friend who also just happens to be an amazing Comic Book Artist […]

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Charisma Jonesford

It’s Valentine’s Day. To many people this is a special day of the year to spend an extra romantic moment with their significant other. The only guy I’ve spent Valentine’s Day with is two years old and likes to grab my butt. Two years ago today I took this job as a live in nanny […]

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