Cali Karsin

Wow, I still can’t believe it’s been four years already for me in Second Life. It seems just like yesterday I was parading around as a real teenage noob. I look back and realize now, I have been playing SL for 1/5 of my entire life!!! Can you believe that? My noob days were pretty […]

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Sway Dench

My name is Sway Dench, I’m owner and creator of Sway’s. I thought a lot about this, what to write about. I wrote a lot and trashed it again. It was not good. Now I have 3 days left and I am still in front of a blank paper. If you asked me to describe […]

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Isabelli Anatine

Hi all, my name is Isabelli Anatine, my operator is a Brazilian woman that is a crazy cat lady. It all started when I was suffering from boredom and suddenly I thought I could try the “new” thing the tv was talking about, a game called second life, that resembled a little The Sims, but […]

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Haisley Resident

I thought I would have something to talk about….but I don’t, not really. So I’m just going to ramble on and I hope you can manage to bare with me. Alright, so… It’s nearly the end of July and in August I’ll have been around in SL for two years. Two might not seem that […]

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Kaiden Diavolo

One year ago I packed up and waved good-bye to Second Life….or at least I thought. Like so many people, I had no intentions of looking for love when I entered SL. It was an escape from a relationship turned sour and a life in a downward spiral. Not sure what it was that pushed […]

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Don Mill

Donald: Yes, I got you into this thing… because you wanted to. So you better start working on it now. Don: But I have no freaking clue where to start… and because you created me it should be your responsibility to do it, not mine… Donald: It is all about you and your need for […]

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Aevalah Nikolaidis

Let’s start with a number.  2265. That’s the number of days I’ve been in Second Life. I don’t really recall what the catalyst was that finally got me to actually sign up and log in, but I’m glad I finally did.  I’d heard about it years before I actually signed up, but I had kept putting it […]

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