Auryn Beorn

———————————————————————————————————- Today is my birthday, in that world we call “real”. I’m now 37 years old. ———————————————————————————————————- However, I would prefer if you don’t say “happy birthday.” Not yet. I’ve come to hate my birthday over the years. Intensely. I didn’t feel there was anything to celebrate. My world had made clear that it would […]

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Sylvia Olivier

One thing that I find to be true in Second Life is that it is very rare to find something that is permanent and when you do hold on to it the best you can. I’ve been here almost seven years this coming December. I started Second Life not expecting too much out of it […]

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Chance Raynier

Today, April 30th 2013 is my 40th birthday!  It is also doubly special for me because 2 years ago on this day, I asked Gabriella to marry me.  So indulge me in taking you on a journey, one of sorrow, happiness, joy and pain, but most importantly, hope and love. I remember the first days […]

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