Kaiden Diavolo

One year ago I packed up and waved good-bye to Second Life….or at least I thought. Like so many people, I had no intentions of looking for love when I entered SL. It was an escape from a relationship turned sour and a life in a downward spiral. Not sure what it was that pushed […]

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Don Mill

Donald: Yes, I got you into this thing… because you wanted to. So you better start working on it now. Don: But I have no freaking clue where to start… and because you created me it should be your responsibility to do it, not mine… Donald: It is all about you and your need for […]

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Eve Petlyakov

Sitting here not knowing what to write about. What on earth would anyone care to read about this elf shaped cluster of pixels. The answer: Probably nothing. What I think I’ll do is give  some advice when it comes to navigating this virtual world. Learn all you can. Building with basic prims isn’t difficult! There […]

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Tishi Kozlov

Everyone needs an escape from reality.  My husband has always turned to either his PS3 or Xbox 360 to unwind after a long day at work.  I always felt sort of left out, because I do not know how to play those games very well at all.  That all changed when my real life best friend […]

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Aevalah Nikolaidis

Let’s start with a number.  2265. That’s the number of days I’ve been in Second Life. I don’t really recall what the catalyst was that finally got me to actually sign up and log in, but I’m glad I finally did.  I’d heard about it years before I actually signed up, but I had kept putting it […]

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Nimil Blackflag

i joined second life 7 years ago, on june 11th 2006. i never expected to be here for 7 years, i didn’t think SL would make it to 7 years… in real life, i am really awkward, like.. so awkward that people make up excuses to get away from me. its painful, and it makes […]

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Arora Zanzibar

All About Arora Age:  I have been in SL since 2005 (not on this account though) Hobbies: I love to blog and explore random places Work:  I have a little store that I have had since 2009 called Zanzibar creationZ Likes: Thinking outside the square, especially when it comes to my avatars look Dislikes: facelights, […]

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