Aevalah Nikolaidis

Let’s start with a number.  2265. That’s the number of days I’ve been in Second Life. I don’t really recall what the catalyst was that finally got me to actually sign up and log in, but I’m glad I finally did.  I’d heard about it years before I actually signed up, but I had kept putting it […]

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Kamalin Bailey

I discovered Second Life many years ago through an erotica stories website.  The author had tried out SL and had many tips on skins, shapes, movement and naughty adventures. I figured why just read about someone else’s fantasies when I could be creating my own? Having absolutely no gaming experience and never having right clicked […]

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Ashasekayi Ra

When I first came to Second Life in December 2006, I really had no idea what to expect. I came there by chance because of a real life software company that decided to hold their product launch there. After the event, I decided to explore Second Life more. I was amazed that there was a […]

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Reyn Lightcloud

———————– Hi, I’m Reyn Lightcloud.  I’ve been around in Second Life since 04, though I had a long and not entirely my idea break for a few years.  I suppose I’m supposed to write a bit about what I do in SL on a daily basis, and a little bit about myself, and how it […]

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What are Experiences?

Experiences in Second Life are unique to each and everyone of us. Throughout our SL Lives from our Rez Date till now, we experience so many memories, opportunities, emotions, relationships (good and bad) and enjoyment that we’ve built up so many that it probably would take many stories to tell each and everyone of them. […]

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