Aevalah Nikolaidis

Let’s start with a number.  2265.

That’s the number of days I’ve been in Second Life. I don’t really recall what the catalyst was that finally got me to actually sign up and log in, but I’m glad I finally did.  I’d heard about it years before I actually signed up, but I had kept putting it off.  I thought SL was just going to be another Sims clone or worse and so I put it off.  Still peeved that I didn’t sign up sooner!  LOL

I remember my early days rather fondly.  I got stuck on OrientationIsland because it glitched and would not let me teleport off even though I had completed all the stations at least half a dozen times each.  Speaking of 2007…please be thankful you are not stuck with the default avatar that we were back then.  Hideous is too nice of a word for it really.  It’s a wonder any of us stayed, though we do get to be like those codgy old timers…”I remember when we only had system hair and shoes!  None of this new-fangled mesh stuff whippersnappers are all clamoring about!”

#1 (Aeva in the beginning, after we got prim hair!)

I suppose I should actually introduce myself.

My name is Aevalah Nikolaidis, and to answer your question…no…I’m not Greek.  Nikolaidis just seemed to fit the best out of the list of surnames Linden Labs gave me to choose from.  I do miss surnames in SL, but thats a whole nother topic and I’m trying to stay on this topic!

My first few months in SL were so stereotypical.  They consisted of all the things we try so hard nowadays to convince people that they’re not what SL is all about.  Still, I think of it somehow as a rite of passage.  You come in, get it out of your system and you move on to find your niche.

For me that niche was roleplay.  I quickly found an amazing community called Darkside and fell in love with every aspect of RP from creating stories to building characters and I lived and breathed nothing but Darkside.  Hell, I rarely left the sim LOL.  I made my first ever RP character there, a curvy vampire courtesan who had an affinity for wearing the color pink.  Much to the chagrin, I might add, of the “Master of the City” who was of the die-hard vampires only wear black mentality.  I count that first year and a half in Darkside as one of the best times of my life and I miss it every day.

#2(Vampire Aeva)

While at Darkside, I discovered the creative challenge of building and I began to create all sorts of larger than life fountains and had the privilege of building a fountain for the Darkside as well as some fountains exclusively for SL Pride 2008!

#3 (my first fountain, all 100+ prims!)

When the sim closed, I began to explore other facets of SL.  SL for me became, and still is, a world of exploration and friends.   I tried it all!  Dancing, escorting, modeling, building, hostessing, DJing, more RP, Gor, you name it I tried it and all the while my camera was still there, taking pics and documenting the journey.   It was thru SL that I found the world of BDSM and discovered who I am as a RL submissive.   Last year I came back to Plurk, and began blogging for a bit.  I occasionally still do, but mostly now I just relax and enjoy my SL with no feelings of pressure that I HAVE to do this, blog that, etc.  After 6 years of keeping busy, I think I deserve a bit of relaxation!

SL has been amazing for me.  I’ve met so many great people over the years I have been here, many of whom I still talk to today and count as my friend and family.  Sure I’ve had my share of heartaches, SL is very much like RL in that aspect, but each experience makes you grow as a person.  I’m not the same shy girl who joined SL those 6 years ago. The journey I’ve taken in SL is one I wouldn’t change.

The one thing that has remained constant these past years though, and my friends will tell you this is true, is that when you talk to Aeva in SL, you are talking to me, Roberta, the woman behind the avie.  Aeva is not a character I portray.  Aeva is Roberta, Roberta is Aeva.  Aeva just has a better closet full of pretty gowns and shoes!  I think I need to steal her closet!

#5(Aeva Today – we’ve come a long way since 2007!)


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