Reyn Lightcloud

Hi, I’m Reyn Lightcloud.  I’ve been around in Second Life since 04, though I had a long and not entirely my idea break for a few years.  I suppose I’m supposed to write a bit about what I do in SL on a daily basis, and a little bit about myself, and how it connects in.

I’m one of those quiet sorts.  I spend a good bit of time hanging out in my home, or outside in what’s a garden of sorts owned by an alter ego.  She’s probably slightly better known, though she’s younger.  Funny how that works.  I also like to be fantastical.  As I said multiple times to gamemasters when they told me I had to be human, ‘Why play a game where I can be anything, if I’m stuck being human.’  Since I don’t have to be in SL, I’m usually not.
Instead I spend time being all sorts of things, and even with making some of the stuff myself, I probably spend too much on various bits and bobs to make different looks.  I’m usually a fox or a dragon, or some combination of the two, though.

I’m not a blogger, usually.  My time sense is horrible and before I know it, weeks have passed without me having done anything.  And I’m not the best photographer out there, either.  But I enjoy taking the occasional picture, and enjoy my home.

Most of my friends don’t log on anymore, which I guess happens over the years.  Hard to believe its been nine years since I came into being.
Oddly, when I put down for this time of year, I had in mind doing something wintery, but somehow that’s not what came out.  Maybe because, while I adore this time of year, where I am in RL isn’t really a wintery sort of place, at least not in appearance.

Reyn Lightcloud has been actually mucking about in SL since Beta, though not with that name.  She’s a creator under another name, and a sometime teacher, DJ and other things.  She also likes making things on the flip side, keeps knitting next to her chair and has too many [5] cats.

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