Lisie Jubilee

“Well… here goes nothing. This time last year I was getting ready to set off to university, leaving home for the first time ever. Well, unless you count the disastrous two-night youth camp my best friend took me to in my junior year of high school. I come from a family (and by family, I […]

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Valena Vacano

I’ve been a lot of things in Second Life. I’ve been a neko, a model, a photographer, a store owner, a stripper, an escort, a scene kid, a club hopper, a roleplayer, and a griefer. In 6 years, I’ve been many things, but I’ve never been important. SL has done a lot for me over […]

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SoShay Sugarplum

Hey there! My name is SoShay Sugarplum, or Shay Elena Villota-Solano in world. I am 33 years old in Real Life and am from Tennessee. I am a blogger in Second Life and am a total fashion and photography addict. I have an amazing group of friends and family that I love spending time with. […]

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