Three days ago, it was Ohna’s 2nd rez day. Ohna was originally intended to be a backup of my first av that I hated. Fourteen days later, I decided to make her the primary av. Some people thought that I was crazy; others thought that it wouldn’t stick. They were all wrong. As Ohna, my […]

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Isley Oodles

Hi, I’m Isley. I’ve never felt like I belonged anywhere. With the way my RL family treats me, I don’t feel like I belong in my own family. I’ve always been the black sheep, and while I’ve come to terms with that being my role, it still left  a sort of…Hollow spot in my heart. […]

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Katya Valeska

Today’s my Rez Day in world. This is something I’ve never given thought to about or even bothered to think about, but more and more I have watched people speak about their Rez Day like a RL birthday. So, I guess that Katya is four years today. Four years of Second Life – involving heartache, […]

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