Isabelli Anatine

Hi all, my name is Isabelli Anatine, my operator is a Brazilian woman that is a crazy cat lady. It all started when I was suffering from boredom and suddenly I thought I could try the “new” thing the tv was talking about, a game called second life, that resembled a little The Sims, but […]

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Haisley Resident

I thought I would have something to talk about….but I don’t, not really. So I’m just going to ramble on and I hope you can manage to bare with me. Alright, so… It’s nearly the end of July and in August I’ll have been around in SL for two years. Two might not seem that […]

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Harvest Dezno

Hello there! If anyone that even reads my blog, you’ll know that I am really really bad at writing out a bunch of words together. Having to write this post will be the death of me, but I really wanted to show y’all who and what I’m really about. So anyways, here it goes! I […]

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Keliah Angelis

It’s 2:23 pm on the nose for me as I write this. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to write anything at all, or if I did, I’d do it when I was happier with life and would have some uplifting story to tell everyone. Well, I don’t.  In fact, while being 2:23 […]

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Gabriella Allardyce

Today is my real life birthday.   It’s hard to believe that I am 46 today..  I certainly don’t feel it!  Well, that isn’t always true.  There are many days my body feels like its 80, but my heart, and mind are still very young.  To be honest, I’m a little unsure exactly what to write […]

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Angel Slocombe

“SL becomes so enmeshed in your life that you can’t remember it NOT being there” I just said this to my best friend in SL and it’s so true. In 6 years I’ve done so much, made more memories than I’m sure you’re prepared to sit and read about and I’ve met so many wonderful, and […]

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Paypabak Writer

I became acquainted with Second Life due to a work assignment but I soon realized that I would best serve my professional interests by going native. I chose Paypabak Writer to be my “recreational avatar” and from there got involved in a roleplaying sim known as The Dune Project. I’ve recapped my early years in […]

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