Cali Karsin

Wow, I still can’t believe it’s been four years already for me in Second Life. It seems just like yesterday I was parading around as a real teenage noob. I look back and realize now, I have been playing SL for 1/5 of my entire life!!! Can you believe that? My noob days were pretty […]

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Silly Avro

Today is my Rez Day…6 years in Second Life. This avatar was never meant to be special, she was the second I made of my collection of avatars and the only one without a “real” name. While my other avatars found their purpose in role play, Silly became the avatar I explored the countless facets […]

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Connie Stratten

When I was a kid (and a rather nosy one) the fact that I would only live one life was somehow disturbing for me. I remember sitting on a garden swing for hours, trying to imagine how would it be to be a little girl born under any other circumstances but mine. How would it […]

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Trace Osterham

2008 —     I’ll get this one, I tell him, sliding change for two Mountain Dews across the pharmacy counter. We wade through the humidity, tramp across the faint scent of dog piss wafting up from the East Village sidewalk. Hands damp from condensation and sweat, I fumble with the bright green plastic cap. […]

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Reyn Lightcloud

———————– Hi, I’m Reyn Lightcloud.  I’ve been around in Second Life since 04, though I had a long and not entirely my idea break for a few years.  I suppose I’m supposed to write a bit about what I do in SL on a daily basis, and a little bit about myself, and how it […]

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