Kaelyn Alecto

Ohai, my name is Kaelyn Alecto and in real life I go by the name of Sylvia. I am a 29 years old, very proud mom from The Netherlands. My Second Life adventure started on February 20, 2010. I watched a special on Second Life the day before on Discovery channel and I got curious. […]

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Morgan Kincess

Hello, my name is Morgan Kincess and my SL story is a bit complicated… I was born the 04th December 2006. A RL friend dragged me here as he wanted to change my mind from some depression I had at the time. The 1st 2 days we went around clubbing as my friend was doing […]

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Guenevere DeCuir

March 27th… my official 6th Rez Day in Second Life. Six years doesn’t seem like a long time to most, but within the vast world of Second Life it seems like so much longer. I actually heard about Second Life through an old friend who also just happens to be an amazing Comic Book Artist […]

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Sunshine Zhangsun

At this point, I believe Katya probably thinks I’m never going to get anything turned in to her.  My original date was assigned in early March, but I thought it was later than it was, so I missed it. And now, I just got a noodge email from Katya reminding me that my new date […]

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Angel Slocombe

“SL becomes so enmeshed in your life that you can’t remember it NOT being there” I just said this to my best friend in SL and it’s so true. In 6 years I’ve done so much, made more memories than I’m sure you’re prepared to sit and read about and I’ve met so many wonderful, and […]

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LiquidH3ll Carter

LiquidH3ll Carter Now, this is a blogpost all about how My sLife got flip-turned upside down And I’d like to take a minute and log in right here And I’ll tell you how I derezzed my fancy new hair On Orientation Island, goin’ through a noob phase In the sandbox was where I spent most […]

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Paypabak Writer

I became acquainted with Second Life due to a work assignment but I soon realized that I would best serve my professional interests by going native. I chose Paypabak Writer to be my “recreational avatar” and from there got involved in a roleplaying sim known as The Dune Project. I’ve recapped my early years in […]

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