Takuya Kawashima

18 August 2012 It’s 5 AM in a tiny house in the old town of Osaka. The air condition is set to max but it’s hot and humid as I wake up and make a coffee. I open my laptop and check emails as I hear the sound of tiny feet on the hardwood floor. […]

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Harvest Dezno

Hello there! If anyone that even reads my blog, you’ll know that I am really really bad at writing out a bunch of words together. Having to write this post will be the death of me, but I really wanted to show y’all who and what I’m really about. So anyways, here it goes! I […]

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Tigist Sapphire

Classic internal dialogue; “You left it to the last minute didn’t you?” “Well yes, but I’ve been sick for the last few days.” “You’ve known about it since last year!  You have no excuse!” “Wait, I broke my leg in January, doesn’t that count?” Yes, that was a literal internal dialogue that has been going […]

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Harper Beresford

When I was a youngster, I went to grad school in anthropology and one of the biggest topics was marriage. When I joined Second Life and I saw that partner slot, I thought it was a really interesting idea. Do people partner romantically, for business, for fun? I decided if I ever went back to […]

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Veridian Frog

How did you meet your friend in Tennessee? From the inside out. Isn’t that how friends are supposed to get to know each other. I know their struggles and successes like I know their favorite song. I talk to them for hours about nothing and everything. They’ve held me up and I’ve been their rock. […]

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