Daniella Riaxik

It’s unbelievable that today marks four years that my Dani was “born” into the wonderful world of Second Life. I wasn’t sure what I would write when I signed up for this many, many moons ago and sitting here now I am still not sure. Second Life is a big part of my virtual persona, […]

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Don Mill

Donald: Yes, I got you into this thing… because you wanted to. So you better start working on it now. Don: But I have no freaking clue where to start… and because you created me it should be your responsibility to do it, not mine… Donald: It is all about you and your need for […]

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Nathaniel Pevensey

Hi there, everyone!  So today marks 5 years of me being in Second Life.  To some of you I’m sure that seems like a really long time, and to some of you it seems like I’m just a kid.  I’d say that the truth lies somewhere in the middle: I’m still learning new things every […]

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Kimbra Iridescent

Second Life stumbled upon me by the way of a friend. He assured me I would laugh and find it ridiculous. He was completely wrong. For weeks I struggled to figure out how this all worked but it only took a few logins for me to know that I was hooked. This was more than […]

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Paypabak Writer

I became acquainted with Second Life due to a work assignment but I soon realized that I would best serve my professional interests by going native. I chose Paypabak Writer to be my “recreational avatar” and from there got involved in a roleplaying sim known as The Dune Project. I’ve recapped my early years in […]

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Caelan Hancroft

You know that song “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks? That’s how I feel about my life, both RL and SL actually. I have lots of roles in both lives, but the best thing about SL to me is I can reinvent myself at any time. Back to the song… I’ve been a lot of things in […]

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Autumn Amaranth

How did I get here?  Two years and four months ago I was in the most trivial conversation that changed my life in a curious way.  I have always been a gamer at heart, and I still connect with friends across the continent once in a while for Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire or some […]

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