Kamalin Bailey

I discovered Second Life many years ago through an erotica stories website.  The author had tried out SL and had many tips on skins, shapes, movement and naughty adventures. I figured why just read about someone else’s fantasies when I could be creating my own? Having absolutely no gaming experience and never having right clicked […]

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Nikki Wildmist

In the height of my Second Life addiction, I used to lie to people about what I did on Friday night…. “Oh me? I just hung around home, watched a chick flick, couple of wine’s ya know – just relaxed…”. But, in my mind I hadn’t stayed home. In my mind I was out partying […]

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Oakley Foxtrot

One day I was watching Law and Order: SVU, and the episode happened to be about some ho in a virtual world. Well, I was like HAY, lemme see what a virtual world is all about. So I Google searched “virtual worlds” and the first result was Second Life. I was so freaking excited and […]

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