Sylvia Olivier

meOne thing that I find to be true in Second Life is that it is very rare to find something that is permanent and when you do hold on to it the best you can.

I’ve been here almost seven years this coming December. I started Second Life not expecting too much out of it and really thinking it would be like the Sims. I never considered that I’d ever make real friends here, Laugh, Cry, fall in love or even get my heart broken, because I mean that kind of stuff never happened in the Sims, right?

our homeTo be honest when I first joined Second Life I hung out in some pretty seedy places. I even earned enough money for my first skin by stripping and I even once made an alt for every letter of the alphabet just so I could hit the lucky chairs and that would have worked until I learned that not all things were transfer! The thing is – I never wanted to spend money.

Second Life was just fun for me. I’ve met a lot of cool people during my years here but the first person that I met that stuck was Uglee Oh. I met her in 2008, it was just after I spent a week in the hospital for trying to end my life.

I was in a very dark and sad place and I feel like meeting her changed my life. She was just that kind of friend that was always there to make me laugh or listen to me talk about anything at all. In some ways I feel like she saved my life. I never cared about decorating or home or family here until I met her, and now I love it and could not imagine my Second Life without it.

familyI made an alt and became a Second Life Child avatar and you know it wasn’t always easy and I had a lot of ups and downs but I finally met my parents in 2009 and Kiki Devin and Hollywood3TV Hotshot adopted me and I’ve been with them almost four years. Around the same time my friend Marleen Vaughan asked me if I wanted to start blogging on her blog Coffeesmoke and I was hesitant at first and not sure of myself but she encouraged me and well almost four years later and I’m still at it!

I also have a great job in Second Life working as a CSR for Gospel Voom at Gos/Gos Boutique. I get to work with my best friend Caelan Hancroft – who without her daily support, friendship and laughter I’d go a little more nuts than I already am. If you have Cae in your life count yourself lucky – there is not a more loyal or awesome friend to be had.

sylviaandsyleeeI’ve tried my hand at many things in Second Life – Blogger, SLuicide Girl, Photographer, Model, Child Avatar but probably the best thing that I’ve ever been called here is Mom. I have two daughters and well I’m pretty sure I’ll never have real life children these two daughters (Syleee and Ryleigh) of mine help fill that void. Ryleigh is just the sweetest and Syleee is just what her name implies! They mean the world to me and they fill my days here with joy and I just feel so lucky, more than I can even put into words – but they make my world complete.

I have a God Daughter named Eve Daines and her Momma Kendal Sapphire is my daughter Ryleigh’s (Manuela Wardark) God Mother. I adore them both. I also have a Daughter in law that I love named BellaRaee. I recently adopted a sister and aunt for my girls – Sienia Trevellion. As you can probably tell – family is important to me and so are my friends. (I’m looking at you Adalineb, Snowy Melody, Rae Lexenstar, Danielle Cham, Drew and Trinity and so many more that have touched my heart)

I adore my plurk buddies and I couldn’t ask for better people to be in my life.

sylry1To people that are not in my life anymore – I can only wish you the best.

I picked today because it’s my birthday and while I’ve said nothing ground breaking for my connecting story – I’d just like to thank Katya for the opportunity to allow me to post on her blog and share a little slice of my experience.

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2 thoughts on “Sylvia Olivier

  1. Happy Birthday Sylvia, and thank you for sharing your 365 with us and for being an exceptionally wonderful person to all that you cross paths with.

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