Lolita Oleander

Lolita Oleander

Hello my name is Lolita Oleander and I started to explore SecondLife® on January 21, 2009. I just recently had my four year SL rezday. Time sure does fly by fast once you start looking at dates and anniversaries.

My SL life is pretty great right now. *smiles* I am a part of The Oleander family partnered with Takeo Oleander and our two little kids Raven and Lillie Oleander. What makes our family work and us happy is that we are all good friends. I truly love hanging out and talking with these people giving and receiving love from the heart.

One of my favorite things I enjoy doing in SL is decorating our house. I haven’t changed the main house in over a year but the inside of the house and its rooms have been changed a great many time. I also like playing Mother Nature to our homestead. This upcoming weekend all the snow from winter on our land is going to melt and make way for spring flowers. I’m excited and can’t wait to get my hands dirty planting the flowers and trees.

The Oleander Family Winter Home

I just want my friends and family to know how thankful I am to have them in my life day in and day out. They make me smile and mean a great deal to me. *hugs everyone tight*

Lolita Oleander is just a senorita exploring Second Life® having a great time. She also has a blog called ¿Qué Pasó? which she enjoys playing with. She is a guilty work Plurker and loves keeping in touch with her SL/WoW friends. Is an explorer at heart and a people person. In RL she lives in sunny Arizona. She is a proud mother of two children. She works for the government by day and enjoys her evenings playing WoW and SL with family and friends.


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