Spoiledrotten Mahogany

posh2My name is Spoiledrotten Mahogany better known as SR and I am a SL Fashion Blogger.  I’m pretty much a low key person that loves to explore SL, spend time with my mom and shop way too much.  But I blame the excessive shopping on my mom…lol.   I started SL blogging just as sometime to do.  But It has turned into sometime I really enjoy doing and take seriously.  Which is one of the reason why I decided to do Connecting 365 SL lives.  I wanted to push myself beyond just blogging about fashion.

8215329031_f816fb4cf5_bMy connecting post is about family within SL.  Like any person who first starts out on this game, you expect it to be something just to do in your free time.  Nothing too serious or heavily time invested.  But with anyone who stays on SL for a period of time, it becomes more than just something to do in your free time.  I have been on SL for a long time and have seen a lot of things.  One thing that has impacted me the most and even in my RL is family.  Just like RL family you connect with some and others you don’t.  You laugh, cry and have special moments you will never forget.  I have been through my fair share of family on SL and have had those moments where I wonder is it worth it?  Why do I log on?  The answer for me is that I had that one person that I connected with.  That one person that made me think hey, you cannot just log anymore that person might be looking for you.  Some people think you need a plethora of family on SL, you don’t.  Sometimes all you need is that one person to let you know someone cares.

8057582779_30f9dfb10f_bOver time I have been able to define those who have my best interest at hand and those who don’t.  You always get that it’s just a game from people and don’t take it seriously.  Which is true but once you invest time with someone it becomes more than just a person on a game.  That person becomes your friend and family and then feelings become invested.  RL and SL feelings are the same.  Pain is pain, sorrow is sorrow, and happiness is happiness.  The only thing that is different is the origin of those feelings.  But despite my family hardships on SL, I do not regret the experiences I have went through.  It has helped me grow as a person within SL and RL.  For those starting out on SL, take your time.  Don’t be in a rush to run out and get the “SL family” With any relationship, it takes time to find that right person or persons to connect with.  But when you do find that fit, you will know…I did.


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