Brooklyn Dimanovic {sugarcanelollipop}

Coffee Reflections

Sits here looking at the cursor blinking off and on as if it’s saying “ Hai…Hello…Hey… ummmm, can you hurry up and write ANYTHING,  American Horror Story is almost on and it’s time that you go back inside and let me come out.  Continues staring at the screen, as I am not sure what I want to write about or how much I am willing to expose of myself.

 10:00 pm (RL): American Horror Story is off and I am still having the “WTF” moments of the show


Contact info: Sugarcanelollipop {Brooklyn Dimanovic}

To find me in world, you will have to search the name Sugarcanelollipop, but who is she?  I don’t really know her all that well so I will not be able to properly introduce you to her. What I do know is that she is closely related to Brooklyn Dimanovic.  The best explanation is to say they are one in the same but on two different platforms.

When I began my Second Life journey in April 20, 2009, I was Brooklyn Dimanovic until the unfortunate day that I found out that my account had been accessed by outside forces.  (I call this the prelude to the now out of control hacked accounts).

An old friend has decided to return to me and its name is VIOLATION.

Virtual meets reality.  I had already dealt with violation in my life and it was a long road to the re-invention of me but now here I once again had to deal with being violated. The difference was it happened in my Second Life.

Enters Sugarcanelollipop on April 16, 2011. She is the protector of Brooklyn. No one knows her and she doesn’t know anyone, not even the one she was created to protect. As of this moment, they both prefer it that way.

I AM BROOKLYN DIMANOVIC. That was the name I rezzed under back in April ’09 and that is still who I today. The friends and family that I have made in my amazing second life have helped me along the way during my “reclaiming & reinventing” recovery and the time has been well worth it.

Even though the violations in my virtual and reality life hold no comparisons to each other, the impact and the lesson was the same.

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.”
-Henry David Thoreau


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