Daniella Riaxik

It’s unbelievable that today marks four years that my Dani was “born” into the wonderful world of Second Life. I wasn’t sure what I would write when I signed up for this many, many moons ago and sitting here now I am still not sure. Second Life is a big part of my virtual persona, […]

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Sway Dench

My name is Sway Dench, I’m owner and creator of Sway’s. I thought a lot about this, what to write about. I wrote a lot and trashed it again. It was not good. Now I have 3 days left and I am still in front of a blank paper. If you asked me to describe […]

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Sei Minuet

I am Sei Minuet, and I have a horrible sense of time, a beard in first life, and a female avatar on Second Life. Prior to joining Second Life I spent a good amount of time working on digital art projects—I was never a pro, or formally educated, but floundered my way around through a […]

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Jordan Whitt

It’s sad how you go from intimacy to nothing, cold turkey. I mean, how many people along the way have true meaning in your life?  And to suddenly have no contact, after … it’s sad. ~ Boston Legal – Season 4 Episode 2 It’s funny how a line in a fictional TV show can echo your […]

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December Dollinger

As a child, I marked each day off of the calendar, waiting impatiently for the warmer summer months and the final ring of the school bell announcing my freedom to the streets & swimming pools of my hometown.  Those days, time seemed to go by a bit slower.  A minute could feel like an eternity […]

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Opal Lei

Seven years. My real life seems to be divided into segments that are factors of seven years. I was married soon after I turned 21. I was divorced 14 years later. I worked in Corporate America for 14 years. I owned my first condo for 7 years, and I’m about to transfer another family property […]

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Garrett Ceriano

Today is my father’s Birthday in RL… or, at least it would be if he was still with us. Usually I am very down around this time of the year because of this and I must say that for once around this time, I am happy. It’s been 6 years since he passed away and […]

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