Daniella Riaxik

10903378853_6ae2e8a199_bIt’s unbelievable that today marks four years that my Dani was “born” into the wonderful world of Second Life. I wasn’t sure what I would write when I signed up for this many, many moons ago and sitting here now I am still not sure. Second Life is a big part of my virtual persona, It’s a love-hate relationship for sure, I have resolved myself to being a pixelhead for the foreseeable future. SL for me has been many things for me over the years, it’s been on any given day

  • a creative outlet in the form of role playing and blogging

  • my social haven when real life socializing was not desired

  • my own private Idaho

  • a place to recharge mentally and emotionally

I lead a relatively low key and easy going SLife, by my own choosing. There was a brief phase where I felt obligated to do, to be; and after growing disenchanted with SL I made the decision to let first life mentality and habits go. In SL I do  as I wish, when I wish to and with whom I wish. The two biggest thing learned in SL is to never be shocked, surprised or disappointed by people I’ve met and thought I knew


I have a great social circle of people I know and a cherished, small and eclectic circle of people that are friends that feel like family. They put up with my random shenanigans and mercurial nature. Most days you can find me at home sorting my inventory and chatting inworld or Plurk. . I like shopping kinda, exploring different sims is a passion of mine! When I find a cool place I landmark with “scenic”, this makes it easier for me to locate the pretty/interesting places when hanging out with friends.


Occasionally I get to hang out with my SL family, lol, they have to work up to having me around for an afternoon or night. I have a great pixel relationship with my SL daughter and best friend Claira Jules. While I don’t get to do the family thing often, when I do it’s always a delight and something I enjoy.


When I am not doing all those crazy, wild and fun things up there I blog a little, its a little hobby I picked up along the way in SL. I enjoy blogging, every facet of it honestly, although there are times it makes me feel like a angsty teenager. You can check out my blog here: BLOG . Overall I am completely happy with my SLife, there isn’t anything I would change.


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