Sei Minuet

I am Sei Minuet, and I have a horrible sense of time, a beard in first life, and a female avatar on Second Life. Prior to joining Second Life I spent a good amount of time working on digital art projects—I was never a pro, or formally educated, but floundered my way around through a bunch of software, practicing, messing up, and making lots of cheesy things. In first life I have a degenerative neurological disorder which, among other things, causes memory issues, difficulty with comprehension, depression, head pain, seizures, unconsciousness, etc., etc., and so forth.
I actually started Second Life in 2006 with a really terrible name for my avatar. After changing avatars a few times I finally settled on this one. Much like the occasional name change, my early Second Life was filled with a lot of drifting around, meeting people, becoming friends, losing friends, etc., but even in 2006 I attempted to open a shop.Inline image 3

My first shop was called Muffin Creations, and I highly doubt anyone remembers it. It existed on a 512m2 parcel and eventually in one mall. Honestly, that one did not do so well as I was still trying to find my place in Second Life.

At first, Second Life was merely something to do to pass time. When I joined I had been disabled already for a number of years and time was plentiful. Once I learned people were making money creating on Second Life I succumbed to the hope of doing the same, for it was impossible for me to have a “real job” due to my neurological condition. Second Life became a source of hope—hope for more than monetary gain, but hope of friendship, happiness, and escapism through immersion.

The first shop I owned crumbled away after a close friendship fell apart, and I stopped logging in for a time. For some reason I kept finding myself having the itch to do so, and eventually made another character—this time with a slightly better name. I opened another shop and released mostly full permissions sculptie kits, and found myself for the first time turning a decent profit, or at least able to pay for land for a home, and the occasional shopping which I found enjoyable. Again, I realized after a year or so I absolutely hated my name, and this time put a great deal of thought into it, and came up with Sei Minuet. I notified all my friends at the time and swapped back and forth between avatars, keeping my old account around mainly for the business end of everything.

Looking back it’s easy to see how I ended up in destructive relationships a few times, one of which essentially destroyed my first in-world shop since 2006, called How Vexing. The details of that situation are best left expanded, but it was a major point in my life, both Second Life and first considering I did not, and still do not, have much going on in my first life.

Inline image 5

How Vexing turned into Lemon Tea, and I starting creating attachments, and other random stuff I enjoyed. I met some new friends, lost old ones again, etc., and after a while decided to do a collaboration project shop with a friend woh was also a creator. Eventually we ended up focusing solely on that brand name, and I shifted all my Lemon Tea products to it. We called the shop Two Cats One Cup, and started off focusing on neko-themed items. My current friends and business partner have been a pretty big confidence boost, and lately I have been pushing myself more and more to create new, and fun items. There are always a ton of items on our list of future projects, and beyond that I enjoy editing screenshots from time to time—though mostly when I do that for Second Life it ends up being related to a project or poster for one.

Inline image 2

The friends I have made and held onto from Second Life have become friends beyond Second Life itself, and though I have yet to meet any of them face-to-face, I consider myself closer to them than anyone else. Most of my friends and family in first life have gone on with careers, moved away, started families, or have simply stopped contacting me.

Second Life has changed my life for the better even though there have been particularly rough patches, and hard lessons to learn.

c( Two Cats One Cup ) blog

My Flickr – SL stuff, other games, and some RL pics


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