Isabelli Anatine

9472623549_647a3fa250_bHi all, my name is Isabelli Anatine, my operator is a Brazilian woman that is a crazy cat lady.

It all started when I was suffering from boredom and suddenly I thought I could try the “new” thing the tv was talking about, a game called second life, that resembled a little The Sims, but with other people.

Unfortunately, my PC and connection couldn’t handle SL in the middle of 2007, when my profile says it is my rezzday. Almost half year after I were a small vacation between two jobs and remembered of SL, and tried, this time I fell in love.


The poor noob me, that almost wasn’t able to understand a thing, for my despair, my English wasn’t good enough, but a poor soul take me by the hand and showed me the marvelous world of the freebie dungeons, more specifically Sarah Nerd’s place.

Not everything was free, and at that time I thought some items were broken, they weren’t clothes and hair, but box that went to my head… well, let’s not talk about this ok?


At that time I were really depressed on RL, avoiding contact with the real world and SL had fit like a glove. So I decided to create something I would never be in RL, a vampire striper…yes I were a striper in the early 2008 and it was really really fun.

But not for long.. just until I find out a way to buy lindens here on Brazil. Then I changed again, I let the vampire turn out in ashes and became a Neko, a doll, a fighter, a fairy, an angel, a demon.. You got the idea…

Little by little SL helped me to talk , laugh and feel loved again. I was part of a family on sl in the end of 2008.

In the early 2009 I started to blog and RP, so it were an interesting time, in the RP I meet someone special, that I really wanted to meet in rl, and so I did, and since august 15th of 2009 my SL and RL mixed and since then I am being happy with my partner in crime since them.


Now SL is my addiction, nowadays I like to blog, take pictures, and create poses and landscape.

In the last month I got a runner up place in a Linden Lab Contest, I won a homestead, that will call Kittens Heaven, the same name of an open sim I had a while ago, and it will be public once again, photographer and blogger friendly, because it is funnier this way. As soon the sim is ready, you all are invited to visit it and see my little quirk pose shop too.


I have a personal blog Called Once Upon a Time in Second Life, that is about places and fashion and blog as a collaborator to Free*Style.


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