Vanity Mirror

Where to begin lol. I think I’ve told the story of how I came to SL a few times, but it’s still hilarious to me so here we go! I have a very good “internet” friend that I’ve known now for 9 years but we aren’t in constant contact now like we were once upon a time. She encouraged me to sign up for and log onto Second Life in 2007 because in her words, “OMG I’m in the middle of an orgy and I can hear people moaning like FOR REAL, Tinky!” Who was I to question this, right? After calling her a dirty bird and ignoring her pleas for about an hour I finally signed up and Anjelyc was born…but my laptop was unable to handle SL and there ended my potential orgy giggles. It wasn’t until about a yearish later that I was able to try it again after receiving an email reminding me that I even had an account and that led me to a great friend and love. A love I ran away from for a long time and pretty much chalked him up to having some kind of mental deterioration for thinking he loved me after meeting and speaking to me in SL. But, you never can tell right? 3 years and a baby later, there we were but are no longer lol and that is all for the best.

Colorful Chick - HS

I very much enjoy exploring creativity in SL. I draw, sing, write, sculpt in real life but all these things are weirdly the same but different within Second Life. I had to learn how to take pictures, hell I’m STILL learning that and probably always will be. Attempting to learn to create mesh items has given me headaches and stress and a few proud moments when something I tried so hard to do actually came together. I feel that will always be a process, but whether I’m in SL or not it’s intersting to me and I’d like to continue to learn it. Blogging has been an amazing outlet for me as far as writing. When I was busy being someone’s wifey, I didn’t spend much time on my beloved hobbies and I’m out of practice on everything. I don’t do the big, long story filled blogs as much as I’d like to but when I’m able to pull them off…they’re some of the most fun I have creating fantasies. Decor blogging is another fun aspect that I didn’t know I could do before, and I’m having a blast doing it!

My Favorite Room

Now that I look back, I took a lot of time off here and there in the beginning. I was never so steadily an SL’er until recently and although a lot of things didn’t work out the way I envisioned I think everything turned out as it should have. I don’t look back and feel sad, I’m happy to have known people I knew and know. Happy to have had the experiences I had and learned what I did. Proud to see others excel at what directions they chose, and hopeful that we’ll all be just as content with the future. For all its crashes, freezes, unrezzable stuffs and dreaded rolling restarts…I very much enjoy this little paraiso virtual ♥


*************************END OF STORY*******************************


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