Haisley Resident

For Profile PicI thought I would have something to talk about….but I don’t, not really. So I’m just going to ramble on and I hope you can manage to bare with me. Alright, so… It’s nearly the end of July and in August I’ll have been around in SL for two years. Two might not seem that much to those of you who have been around for six or however many years, but a lot still does happen in two years; especially in SL as I’m sure many of you know. But, two years ago next month I was bored and remembered something called Second Life and only decided to try it out because I heard of roleplay being there. I’ve never done any roleplay before Second Life, but I was, and am, a big reader and a writer who hopes to get published one day, so it seemed roleplay wouldn’t be that hard to get in to. I dove in with a name already decided: Haisley. The first places I ended up in were the Free Dove and Freebie Galaxy. I took to the virtual world easily and would wander around collecting freebies as I hadn’t yet discovered marketplace. The first person I actually made friends with I met in Freebie Galaxy and he had helped show me a bit more of the vast SL universe. I still have a bunch of hair from him buried in my inventory, some of which I actually still use…even if I am a bit of a mesh-whore.

Overboard_001Then one day I looked through the search, having grown bored with dancing at random places and wanting to get to what I originally came for; roleplay. The first sim I found I stayed at because I feel in love with it. Cadair Braeden is the sim where I’ve met two of my closest friends and where I….grew up, I guess you could say as I’ve been there for two years. I had been awkward and shy and not sure what to do, but someone, the next person who I befriended, helped me out. She helped me get some decent (free!) medieval attire, gave me some blonde hair (as I decided my half-elf would be blonde and didn’t have any good hair for that purpose), and gave me a titler and name changer. She also helped me start off with my RP style, which, admittedly, wasn’t the best and still isn’t, I know. But I learned and I worked on roleplaying. I met one other person, I believe, who I made friends with, IC and OOC. I don’t know what happened to my first three SL-friends, but I know they helped me immensely and I wish them all the best.

Story Pics FinalI took a hiatus for a couple months and came back in November or so. I only came back because I was bored and thought I might as well try to get really into it again. I floated around the sim for a long while, doing whatever, until December. December second to be exact. That was the day I met both of my lovely friends who are still with me today; Salix and Taeem. Salix and I added each other right after that first roleplay encounter so we could meet easier. We didn’t talk too much at first, just a ‘how are you doing?’ every now and again. But then she asked what kind of music I like….and we liked the same kind so it kind of just took off from there. Once or twice we’ve roamed random areas as animals as she has a vast arsenal of avatars, while I had gotten some nice freebies from Grendel’s. I’m so glad to have met that giant, purple dragon. And then there is Taeem… That…I’m not sure how that happened. Is that bad? Or isn’t that how most friendships go? Since we ended up RPing with each other often…he added me one day. We didn’t talk at first, for a longer while than Salix and I, but…I don’t know, one day we started talking, OOC-wise, and we haven’t really stopped. I just can’t believe I met them both on the same day. How they’ve put up with me for nearly two years I will never know, but I’m glad they have. Even if one of them chased me around a maze with a knife and the other…is well…can’t think of a word for that one. But, whether they know it or not, they both have helped me in different ways with my real life strangeness, shyness, and bit of social awkwardness.

Raptor and WOlf_005Many people come and go from SL, make bridges and burn them, troll people, cause drama because they like to hurt people, and so many other things that you would think the virtual world has nothing to offer, which many sadly do end up believing or stick to that belief. But…once you get your feet wet and meet some people that make it worth sticking around…it’s hard to just say ‘I’m done’ and walk away.

Huh, seems I did stick to one topic instead of jumping around. But, well, friends are a major part of what makes SL surprisingly wonderful.

About Haisley:   

She spends most of her time as a blonde half-elf called Armalla, her first roleplay character who she still loves to this day. But, when she’s not playing as her, or maybe someone else?, she sits around in her normal, brunette form possibly tormenting her friends with chihuahuas or such other things like that- she can be nice…sometimes- or she’s taking pictures on her lonesome or with friends or blogging about whatever pops into my head. She considers herself to still be a ‘backround’ blogger, since few, if anyone, knows of her besides my friends, but she does take a lot of pictures and has recently learned the finer points of photo-editing. Which she just loves. Haisely has come a bit of a way since she first dropped into this virtual world…and is pretty happy with this life as much as her first.

Lots of pictures on her Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/armalla/

More ramblings on her blog: http://thinkingandranting.blogspot.com/


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