Lisie Jubilee

“Well… here goes nothing.

This time last year I was getting ready to set off to university, leaving home for the first time ever. Well, unless you count the disastrous two-night youth camp my best friend took me to in my junior year of high school. I come from a family (and by family, I mean aunts, uncles, grandparents, a crazy multitude of cousins, and my parents and sisters) that doesn’t stray far from each other. I was completely out of my element and ready for a bright future.

Since then, I’ve been forced to take a medical withdrawal from my first semester of college, took a few months to treat the severe depression and OCD I developed and was diagnosed with, went back in the spring, had a major relapse, failed my second semester of college, and lost most of my friends and two boyfriends. This year I don’t know if I’ll have a place in any college, and my future is grey.

In the background of all of this was Second Life. I found comfort in a world where nobody knew I was sick, where I could seem happy and lively and fun. Then came Plurk. It was a hodgepodge of people, all sorts of people. You can be happy or sad or serious or goofy, and there’s someone who’ll relate, someone who will respond with the proper emoticon because that’s all you need. At least, that’s all I ever need.

So even though I’m feeling pressure beyond belief and there’s little in my life right now to really celebrate, I’m okay. I know I’ll be okay. The Second Life community has showed me there’s more than one way to make it work, and I will make it work.”

BIO: “lisiejubilee Resident (or Lisie Jubilee) is now Nadia Quartet and isn’t doing much in SL at the moment due to some unfortunate computer problems. *shakes fist at crappy Macbook* On a regular week, she likes to shop, shop, talk to the people that make Second Life colorful, shop, and visit her Plurk. One day she’ll learn a real skill to write about in bios like this!”


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