Don Mill

Don by GeannaDonald: Yes, I got you into this thing… because you wanted to. So you better start working on it now.

Don: But I have no freaking clue where to start… and because you created me it should be your responsibility to do it, not mine…

Donald: It is all about you and your need for Ego trips… here is your chance, here and now is when you can tell the world who Don Mill is; stop whining like a pussy and get on it!

Don: Pussy? The only way you found out about what a Dom is was because of me. You should thank me for that and many other things as well. But anyway, where do I start? Help me out here!

Donald: OK, here is an idea. I will ask you question and you will answer. How does that sound? By the way, try not to embellish things for once; you are not getting me in bed.

Don: Sounds fine… go on… shoot!
HaremDonald: First things first, you should tell them all how you were born and why you are still here.

Don: And considering that you created me, it is up to me to tell them why you did it? Fine… just don’t get your panties in a bunch if you do not like my answers.
So, Don came out of World of Warcraft (WoW). Yes, I know how weird that sounds, but let me explain a bit more. Back way then, Donald was part of an Alliance guild in the Eittrig realm called “We Know”; the guild was led by Mr. Joi Ito (if you don’t know him, you should google him, and you won’t be disappointed). Joi has been researching other virtual worlds and one day decided to show us guildies this place called Second Life. The excuse was that it was a place where we could strategize different raids and dungeon fights for WoW. And Don was created.
While the first visit into SL was kind of dumb and boring one thing that happened is that, in that first visit, Don found out that he was playing WoW with an SL “oldie” who took Don under her wing and give him the first make over… and became Don’s first partner. Amazing lady she is.
From then on, SL has been mostly a social escapade full of love and fun… we shall get into that later.

Donald: So, Don was born; mischievousness aroused… what then? What do you do these days in SL? What are you actually good at?

Don: Hey! Hold on your horses… who said anything about being mischievous? Have you seen my title lately? I am an Angel, for God’s sake.
What do I do in SL? The first answer is easy… I spend my time being sexy! Seriously though, I am kind of the 6 years old avatar that has no clue regarding the creation process, the blogging process, working in SL or anything productive like that. I am here to be, somehow, social. Enjoy my SL family and my friends.
One thing I did master over the years is the art of jumping into poseballs! I am an amazing dancer, awesome male prop and quite skilled lover… or that’s what she said.

Don Profile by JussyDonald: Since you brought it up… It is well known around the place that you have a harem going in SL. How do you manage to have so many women laying at your feet all days and nights?

Don: Well, it wasn’t easy… You see, women can not have enough of the Don’s sexiness… the baldness, the monocle… they faint when they see those; and so I have to carry them home and leave them there with their loved ones.
Now… tell me where that idea came from? Yes, I have close friends, and I am happily married in SL. Yes, most of my friends are female simply because I tend to click better with them than with men. You know the deal… you have the same exact problem. Now, a harem? Not really… but the one time I tried to, two on my dates never showed up for the pics… I am looking at you girls! I guess that what people confuse, from time to time, is that being flirty and gentlemanly implies the need for intimacy; thing is… in the most cases it does not. But people like to come to these nice conclusions… What can I say? The rep is not unwelcomed but no… I am no player.

Donald: What is that SL family you mentioned? I thought you were bad at role playing…

Don: Well, I consider myself a bad role player and a worst emoter, but talking to a beloved friend of mine the other day she mentioned that having an SL family is a type of role playing so I will have to concede on that.

Donald: OK, so far we know where you came from, what you do, who you do it with (mostly)… now tell me where you go around in SL? Do you shop, do you explore? What do you actually do when you log in?

Don: From the shopping perspective, I am a hair whore… in the real sense; every time I see a male hair in SL I can never fell in love with it and just push it away. On the other hand, when it comes to clothes I now love mesh; I try to keep a certain balance between formal wear and casual styles. I love my kilts and my suits and tuxes. Jeans are a needed thing for more casual looks. My #1 designer is Monica Outlander of Miamai… she can make a tar outfit and I will be the first one rolling in it and feathers just because it comes from her. I like Kauna, FATEwear and L&B as well for their different mesh options. GoS ends up being one of my boots choices and then I have my Monocle from Vaughan’s House of Curiosities that I never let go.
When it comes to where I find myself in SL, it is usually at home… and that means Graz/Darla/Cae’s platform, sometimes you can meet me at The Chamber and The Library which has the ambience and music I really like.
Besides those 3, I have some mandatory events that I regularly attend. On Friday nights and sometimes Saturday I go listen to a good DJ friend, Irish Karillion, wherever her set is being played at. And on Sunday evenings I get the awesome tunes and eye-candy of Miss Delusional Graham at Anaconda.
That will probably summarize what my daily life at SL is.

Donald: Damn, I am running out of questions… so here is the last one. Does size matter?

Don: …that’s what she said…


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