Tishi Kozlov

Everyone needs an escape from reality.  My husband has always turned to either his PS3 or Xbox 360 to unwind after a long day at work.  I always felt
sort of left out, because I do not know how to play those games very well at all.  That all changed when my real life best friend introduced me to Second Life nearly
4 years ago.  She and another friend had Second Life and I reluctantly agreed to try it out, although they were the ones who didn’t stick around in world very long.
Four years later, I am still here!!  I love Second Life: Being able to discover new places, go shopping, meet new people and being able to change what you look like
at a moment’s notice, honestly I don’t know what isn’t to love!  Second Life is my escape, I do not get to spend as much time there as I used to but it is still
wonderful to have a place to go where I can unwind and have a little fun while I am at it.
When I first arrived here in SL I will admit I was a complete and total noob!! I took to SL like a fish to water, but I was ALLL about the freebies!  I will even
admit I dressed like a neko for a little while.  Looking back on my pictures always makes me laugh.   If it wasn’t on a MM board or a group gift, I probably was
not wearing it!  🙂
The social aspect of Second Life is what keeps me here so long.  I was lucky enough to have found one of the best friends I have ever had here and if it were
not for her, there is no way I would still be around!  Estella and I met almost three and a half years ago after I sent her a note card complimenting a piece of
artwork she had for sale on the marketplace. The rest is history!  We roam around Second Life looking for things to get into and we even created a couple of
nerd personas that we like to change into for a goofy blog that we created! (virtualbffs.blogspot.com)
A year or two into my SL experience, Estella and I were lucky to come across a community that we completely fell in love with.  The place was called Everwilde and
although it is no longer in world, we still hold on to the fond memories of living together in such a high energy and beautiful environment!  We have since searched
endlessly to find another place in SL where we feel like we belong.  With like-minded people who love to socialize and make SL what it was built to be…a FUN place!
We always try to find places to meet new friends and maybe someday we will, but for now I guess we will have to keep searching.
That is Tishi in a nutshell.  Just an avatar looking for friends and fun in this vast, virtual world.  ❤

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