Nimil Blackflag

i joined second life 7 years ago, on june 11th 2006. i never expected to be here for 7 years, i didn’t think SL would make it to 7 years… in real life, i am really awkward, like.. so awkward that people make up excuses to get away from me. its painful, and it makes it hard for me to make friends. part of the reason i joined second life was because i was really bored. i didn’t really have a social life, my boyfriend at the time was addicted to videogames (a real actual addict, the kind who should be in therapy) and i was lonely and bored most of the time. i had enjoyed several years of roleplaying on forums and messenger programs, but i wanted more!
when second life opened its doors to the general unverified public, i jumped on it! a nerdy friend of mine had shown it to me and i wanted to play with my own avatar, but i didn’t have a credit card or paypal, so i used to just watch over his shoulder. i am still kinda grumpy that i missed out on the 6/6/06 rez date.
when i joined, i was kinda surprised that i could be a human! the friend who showed second life to me always played a furry, so i only got to see furries, and furry sims. i was excited to find that i could be anything i wanted, and went a little crazy with freebies trying to make the roleplay characters i’d been picturing in my head all those years
sl gave me a chance to make friends, to explore my creative side, and learn things i never expected to learn, and to ignore the real world… sure that’s not the best thing ever, but at the time, it was what i needed. i had an escape from the stuff that i didn’t like in real life.
in that first year of second life, i became a model, a dancer, a dj for phreak radio, a CSR for grendel’s children, a roleplayer, and an artist.
in that first year of second life, i also found love…i left the videogame addict for someone i would never meet in person, never touch, never kiss, never really know…
and while that love did not end well, i thank him for the time he spent with me, and the lessons i learned in the 5 years we were together. he is a large part of why i am who i am now in second life, and i will always keep him in my thoughts.
i don’t get to spend much time in second life these days, my real life is happier, i am married and have a baby with the first boy i ever loved in real life, my high school sweetheart, who out of the blue, came back into my life, righted his wrongs, and swept me off my feet. we are awkward together, and i am never alone… i go out and face the world with a smile on my face more often than not. sl has become what it should have been all these 7 years, a hobby that i can shut off when i need to. i no longer need to escape.



One thought on “Nimil Blackflag

  1. I’m really happy for you! *hugs* Finding a “real life” and using Second Life as a hobby and not a lifestyle is really eye opening, amazing and wonderful. And you have the cutest baby!

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