Saffron Foxclaw

ProfileI’m not sure how many times I’ve written this out, I just don’t *do* talking about myself! I was putting together my wedding website with my fiancé and I deleted the “about us” page; much as I love to talk, yabbering on about myself is not high on my favourite things list…..
When I was a few weeks of turning 18 I sat, perched, on the edge of the sofa in my mum’s office watching my dad play on Second Life. My sister used to play on Second Life and I used to think she was very silly but it was fun watching a little green dragon conversing with a male sheep, faeries and elves. I counted down the days til my 18th birthday, planning my faerie avatar that I would make, picking a first name and weaving the roleplay story I would use. Saffron is my first and primary avatar, I’ve moved on from the medieval roleplay, dabbled with magic at Hogwarts and eventually settled back into blogging.

centaur_001I practically lived in Second Life in my first year, all I wanted to do was avoid a failing relationship and hide from the bitches in my halls of residence at my first year of Uni. It was my only outlet, the only place I had friends. After an episode of drama and meeting my husband-to-be I stepped away from Second Life.
I went to buy contact lenses and fell in love with the man teaching me how to put them in. No word of a lie as we walked out, I turned to my mum and said “mum, I love him! Can I marry him!?” In 86 days I will! Because of him I didn’t need to hide away in a virtual world as I was no longer devoid of social interaction in my real life.

But I missed SL, an old friend invited me to Plurk where I met loads of new friends, I relaunched my blog and launched a RL blog with the help of two SL friends. I don’t RP much anymore and I miss that, I may go back to Hogwarts because SL can feel very antisocial.

aquarius_003BIO: Saffron Foxclaw joined Second Life on her 18th Birthday, February 18th 2009 and turned 4/22 years old this year. She blogs SL fashion at Saffron’s Place and blogs RL fashion on Three Segments of Orange. Her flickr photostream  holds her photos and her Plurk TL holds her friends – SaffPots She is getting married this year, works as a nurse and is starting her Midwifery training in September. (Also she loves new friends!!)


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