Elysium Hynes


Calm is what I think of most of my SL life which is strange in a grid constantly moving with new people, new places, new creations, people reinventing themselves constantly, keeping this little world moving and shaking.

But so far for the past almost 6 years now my SL life has been mostly calm me and a prim wall, for some seriously bad building, or a simple backdrop for a pic, a blank wall like an empty canvas, but a plywood one.

Actually I love plywood – I get excited with a brand new plywood cube full of possibilities and wonders. But hey let´s talk a bit more about me, which is pretty boring to start with, I ended up here because of an article in a magazine on a boring Sunday afternoon, named after a Portishead song, because the cd was nearby, Ely was born, she stepped into her first SL sunrise and I could never let her go.


A year after I met my RL boyfriend and we sat talking for hours and hours at the New Brighton Pier and we watched the pixel sunset, we are still both amazed with the SL sunset, I guess if i ever loose my love for the grid that is how I´ll know, the sunsets will loose their charm, so will plywood boxes.

A year ago i started blogging one of the many things to add to my time waste in SL, and Ive been actually enjoying it a lot more than I expected, like everything in my SL life it just happened, and keeps happening.

But all of this was marked by calm a sense of calm that comes from knowing you have a place to sit and watch a sunset, look at the skies change colours, to every colour you love or not, watch the waters turn red or blue, and the thing i most love about SL is that calm that comes from belonging somewhere.


I take that calm with me to RL and my life is better, not just cause of it but for the man I met, the good friends I met along the way, always present when outside the grid, and all the amazing I learned or forced myself to learn, such little and big things that made me into a better person.


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