Cindy Gedenspire

LpD Flora 1024

When I received my notice that it was time for my post…anxiety hit on what to write about since I don’t fancy myself a writer.  My thoughts moved to all the things I needed to do and “write” too.  But that’s exactly the reason I signed up for this…to challenge myself to write.  I’m really super shy and would not normally put myself out there.  After sitting there a minute I went to relax on the couch to give myself a break from the computer and as I was sitting down I thought to myself “something’s gotta give” and it made me smile.  I love that movie and it’s much like my SLife…a myriad of mishaps with a happy ending…a comedy-drama if you will.  Even though I’ve experienced many things in my SLife, some not so funny, I can look back, tickled, and say, “can you believe that happened? Only in SL.”

7UH+PoseFair+MG 1024

I learned about SL from a friend and really was bored with it in the beginning…especially after I got my avatar looking good a couple weeks in and thought “what now?”  Well I found ballrooms and dressing in gowns to be fun…so the journey took off from there.  I’ve been partnered a twice, owned 3 sims, a fashion model and now blogger.   I’m sure there’s something I’m missing.  Anyway, the reason I came to SL was for the arts and to get my mojo back on my own artwork.  In the almost 4 years I’ve been in SL, I’ve completed one painting and decided learning Photoshop was more fun.  I really love styling fashion and since I decided my SLife and men didn’t mix (the myriad of mishaps noted above…yeah most of those were men) I gave up men, going to clubs/ballrooms and became a hermit on my sim to blog full-time.  A bit dramatic, yes, but bottom line I enjoy taking pics and have not been bored since going full-time blogging.

Azoury Llithia 1024

I really don’t have much of an interesting real life story…I’m an average 49 year old woman with a job that has long slow periods so I can be on SL most of the day.  My children are grown and think I’m crazy for being a fashion blogger in a virtual world…but it keeps me off the streets.  For that they are truly grateful.  When I was modeling, I remember arriving to a family luncheon and stating I had to be back home by, whatever time, for a fashion show I’m in.  Not thinking anything of this statement myself…I looked up after sitting down and they all looked at each other like I was crazy.  Thinking…did I just say that?  My mother and brother have threatened an intervention but they just don’t get it. lol

In closing, my happy ending is what I first became interested in when I joined SL in 2009, which is styling fashion.  What more could a girl want than playing dress up and getting to do that with the wonderful works of art that designers in SL create.  I’m not patient enough to design myself so I’m satisfied to play and feed my creative needs searching my inventory for treasures.  I’m Cindy Gedenspire and that’s the rest of the story.

AD Creations Summer is dying 1024

Something’s Gotta Give Quote-Erica Barry describing her play (just love Diane Keaton and her spaz style of acting):

“It’s about a divorced woman, a writer. She’s this high-strung, over-amped, controlling, know-it-all neurotic. [everyone stares in silence] … who’s incredibly cute, and lovable!”


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