Synful Ghost


April 29, 2013 is my Fourth Rez Day. I still remember to this day how I got started on Second life.  My best friend, Brawen Larsen and I were chatting on a game called Furcadia. She kept telling me about this game where we could actually be furries and that I could become a lapine! Excited I had to jump head first into it. I started talking amongst my friends in real life, asking them have they heard of this game. What do you know, they did! I was even more excited that I could play with some friends in real life. On April 29, 2009 four of us sat in my living and started to begin our adventure into this Second Life. I had the most difficulties since I couldn’t come up with a name. Synful Ghost was not my first choice, Ha-ha!

Created and time to get lost, like most I wandered. I did have help, I stumbled upon a furry who helped me achieve my goal of becoming a lapine; bunny. With the help of my few selected friends at this point Synful blossomed.  I’ve became a DJ and Hostess, which I found was really my thing! Being out going in real life I felt more comfortable as a Hostess. I’ve hosted for some of the most popular Industrial Clubs in Second Life. And I realized that I wasn’t alone at this point. Being a bit of an ethnic oddity in the world real I often get teased and asked all sorts of asinine questions.  Here, I fit right in with others that to were ethnic oddities or odd balls in general!


Everyone has had their share of ups and downs in Second Life, and I too had my share. Caused me to quit Second Life for a bit, but it drew me closer in my friendship with Brawen Larsen.  We started out as friends, and it seemed that Second Life had ideas of its own. Best friends developed into a romantic relationship. She has been my very thing I was looking for at the time and even after. I can’t possibly explain in enough words what this woman means to me, but that I love Brawen Larsen. Even if our friendship didn’t blossom into a romantic relationship I would still love her just as much.


During my leave of absences I came back to Second Life with a new mind frame, “This is just a game. I can quit anytime.”  I didn’t want what happened in the past cause me that much grief and so I stayed very weary of others.  But that all changed when I met my beau, Motman Verwood. My mind went from ice cold to, open and warm; the not a game mentality left. Where Brawen couldn’t fill the missing gaps he could. Motman was something different; unexpected. But in a very good way, I can say he is the guy of my dreams even if he tends to get a little shy and headstrong at times! I love him.


New beginning is very much rewarding, healthy and stable relationships. I am not picking up my blogging and bettering myself at photography. My Real Life has been much better; I’ve begun to express myself more than just shut down. Second Life has made me feel a bit proud in myself. I had low self-esteem being that I’m a plus size woman in real world, and on Second Life I came become anything I wanted. Instead I picked being a plus size/chubby. Second Life has always been my outlet to get away from the Real World, and it has been. I am not escaping anything much in the real world unless I get frustrated then I’ll come on to relax, see my family. Second Life is different for each one of us, a fantasy reality. I’ve meet wonderful people, did wonderful things! I would not change my Second Life, now, for anything.


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