Lourdes Denimore

“When someone shows you who they are believe them… and believe them the first time.”


Years ago I heard this quote from Maya Angelou and I’ve found that throughout my life it has resonated. In Second Life it has come to mind more so, because I am a more social creature in this virtual world that we enjoy. Next month I will reach the 5 year mark in Second Life and I find that the people here are the same as people everywhere. Plurk has brought together a small but close community and its fun to see all the different lives on my timeline.

People say that online you can be whoever you want to be online, and I believe that is true to a point. Through every action and interaction, we show who we are. I have tried in several communities I’ve been apart of online, to be a meek mild individual that stays out of trouble. Fortunately or Unfortunately that has never worked. My mouth always gets me in trouble.


I have a very low tolerance level, which is a major reason why I am very anti-social IRL. In Second Life I am far more social. When I became part of the community I made the decision to be myself. Trying to be something I was not did not work in the past and being genuine was far less stress.

Almost 5 years in and I know I made the right decision. I have friends that I’ve maintained over the years that I consider to be the most genuine people I’ve ever met in Second Life. I also have my wonderful partner Salvatore Otoro who is one of the most kindest people I’ve ever met. The past 2 years with him has made me see Second Life and real life in a different way.


So what am I saying in all this? I don’t know. I guess I’ve seen who you are and you’ve seen who I am. Do we believe each other?

Bio: Lourdes Denimore-Otoro has been blogging fashion in Second Life since 2008 on her blog http://lourdesdenimore.com and on Shopping Cart Disco http://shoppingcartdisco.com. She is an avid shopper and has dabbled in roleplay. In real life she is a 30 something displaced New Yorker that currently works as a civil servant.

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