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Today is my eldest child’s 13th birthday.  I am the owner of a teenager?! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?   I started Second Life when she was merely a toddler, well ok a bit older. I am 9 years old next month.. that’s… old.  I have seen many things come, many things go, many things change, many things remain… sometimes it’s been wonderful, other times it’s been trying, sometimes it’s been a great escape from RL, other times… I have used RL to escape from SL.

People always say I’m quite level headed, and basically a big dork, and I guess I am… time in SL has taught me that flying off the handle and creating a huge ruckus is not only pointless, it’s unnecessary    What’s big news to you on that day, is minute to someone else.  What may appear to be a heartwrenching moment, is probably nothing in comparison to what some people are going through, or you will go through later in life… but it’s always hard to look on that bright side isn’t it, when you’re a ball of raw emotion.  Why am I here typing this somewhat sad paragraph? Because I like that SL has been a constant for me over many years of ups and downs, rounds and abouts… it’s sometimes been the cause of distress but you can almost always guarantee one of the people I run to with any trauma in my life, is someone I met via SL.

Do I have “RL” friends? Of course I do, friends from work, friends from school, family… I have those, but I have built some of the strongest bonds with friends that I met in SL and I cherish each one of them very much.   Often people complain about not being social, I am one of those people.  I spend a majority of my online time alone in my skybox, or tabbed out in Zynga playing silly games with cute animals and cooking food (because god knows ain’t nobody going near my cooker when there is virutal food to be cooked!), but sometimes I yearn company.  Just an IM box with a chat, or someone hanging in comfortable silence while I wade through my inventory, a good chunk of what i’d class my “good” friends, I rarely see on SL anymore, life has moved in different directions for us all, or timezones prevent it, but the bond is still there.  I will never be able to thank SL enough for helping me find some of the most amazing people, ever.


So, with that sap out the way, what is it that I’ve found to do for the last 9 years in this world? Hmmm? Mostly it’s blog.  I have my own blog and have for several years, started on blogger and moved over to wordpress a few years back, and I’ve also been a part of a few collaborative blogs, most of which are long gone :(… it’s been the one thing in SL that has always been there, I go through stages, sometimes I’ll want to do it daily, other times I log in a few times and do it then have to break for a week because I am overwhelmed by my insane shopping and blogging habit.  But I do love to play Barbie, I change every time I log in usually once, sometimes more! I just can’t help it.   I guess in RL i’m “portly”… an hourglass shape (or more like saggy pear I suppose).. so I find clothes a chore, I hate them, shopping depresses me and I avoid it at ALL costs.. in SL that isn’t a problem, because THANK THE LAWD FOR SLIDERS.   Although I tend not to change my shape to fit into anything, but I will tweak here or there a few notches off the old love handles, a few off bobs and BAM.. the dress fits.  If only RL were that easy!

I do think I have a pretty nice AV, and I’m very proud of it because it’s been my original shape, tweaked and prodded and pulled over time to get where we are today, it wasn’t purchased, it wasn’t made for me, it’s my idea of pretty, and I love it.   That being said, I have tried to alt various times and I fail because I always end up with my face, I can’t help it!   It’s a disease.


I am pretty random, waffly and boring, right?   Bet you already knew that tho!   There isn’t really much else I can say about my love for SL, it comes and goes…. some days I can’t wait to log in, other days I avoid it like the plague, it all depends on whats happening, where my head is at and how overwhelmed I feel by both SLife and Life.  But if you know me, you know I’m a good listener, a dork, friendly, fun, I like to laugh, I love the colour yellow (and lime green!)… I have tried my hand at many things and usually just go back to blogging, I think boys smell mostly, I like Tinie Tempah a bit too much, I effin love Waffles and Pancakes and I am pretty much just what you see is what you get, and that’s alright by me.

BIO: Willow Zander is a blogger in SL with her own blog and as an official blogger for various events.  Her blog is at willowzee.com and is mostly full of waffle and pictures of her face and butt.  She lives on Happy Land (literally) and did used to have the whole sim to rez random objects, but in time now just owns a quarter and lives with some fellow plurk friends (plurk.com/lemonface).  In RL she’s a 33yr old mother of a 13 yr old and a 5 yr old, and has been with her adoring (HAAHHAHA YEAH OK) partner for over 15 years (we met on AOL, yo.. internet folyfe) and works within the Education Circuit.  She has lots of pets but not enough so volunteers at an Animal Rescue once a week.   She hates talking in third person and is now leaving.  BAI.

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