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Second Life has been a whirlwind from my very first night when I bought my first shape and wore it in a box for a few hours!  I had heard about Second Life on a morning radio show and they were discussing cheating spouses who had have emotional/virtual affairs; I could not imagine how they could do that on a video game so I came to be nosey and never stopped!  It was 2007 and at that time I needed to understand why people had affairs and cheated on their spouses I was going through a train wreck of a divorce in real life but in-world I found a place that over time made me feel happy and free again.  I wandered into a club and fell in love with the music and entertainment!  When I was two SL months old I opened my very own club, Tropical Bliss, I was a hostess, manager and all around nut! It was paradise! Tropical Bliss began on a ¼ sim I had rented within the next year my ‘baby’ grew into a full class five sim with 18 differently themed areas for my parties – the entire sim was my club! I hired a DJ that I had heard was great and it was this same DJ who taught me to DJ and later became one of my greatest friends!

Tristain Savon brought Vengeance Radio to my sim and let me loose with my own little radio show it was a blast! I also ran Royal Properties for several years and helped it expand from 30 sims to over 60 sims, but after about 3 years of volunteer work for this company I hung up my virtual real estate shoes and concentrated on what I really loved, decorating.  Over the past 3 or 4 years I also worked for my sister, Cynthia Ultsch, helping with her marketing for [Cynful] Clothing & CnS Poses.  She even was crazy enough to let me make poses for a while; she is a fantastic artist and sister who always makes time for me anytime of the day or night. She is another reason I am still in Second Life!  While I was a volunteer virtual real estate agent I decorated tons of homes, gave advice, checked out new styles and distributed tons of landmarks and it was during this time I decided to create a magazine.  Finally, I found some amazing people to help me create Royal Living Magazine and two years and 14 issues later I am in a great place in both lives.

Royal Living has given me wings to write freely and work with people I have always admired and respected both designers and photographers.  Elysium Eilde is truly a gifted person who has a knack for turning an idea into a beautiful piece of art.  My sister, Tara Voskhod, is also a truly talented photographer but mostly I just love being around her she makes everything feel happy and sparkly with her zeal and big heart!   I worked a lot but these were dream jobs for me and careers I would need several RL lifetimes to do but because of SL I was able to do all of them in five years! I returned to RL college and just finished my first degree last year, and now I am pursuing a degree in Marketing inspired by my SL experience where I found my passion.

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Ultimately, the most important thing to come out of Second Life for me are the people I have met along my little journey.  I found real life love something I thought would be impossible and a group that is like a real life family.  My SL Parents took ages to find but are completely irreplaceable they feel real to me in every sense I absolutely adore them.  I have met many Second Life friends in real life and it is always amazing to spend some time speaking in real life face-to-face finally seeing the spirit in motion from avatar to human.

My most favorite experience was meeting Ice, my SL husband of the past year; he is the perfect complement to both lives and made me believe that love really is possible. He is quite literally a dream in the making and I am looking forward to my next trip across the sea to spend time with him.  I guess what I have learned over the past five years is to chase your dreams no matter how silly they seem if it makes you smile, do it. In this evolving culture we are all weaving our own stories might as well make it beautiful.


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