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It’s 2:23 pm on the nose for me as I write this. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to write anything at all, or if I did, I’d do it when I was happier with life and would have some uplifting story to tell everyone. Well, I don’t.  In fact, while being 2:23 pm I am still in my pajamas and slowly sipping the same cup of coffee for about two hours now as I stress and worry about my future. I’m 33, I lost my job some five months ago, living on the scarce wage of unemployment, and the job market has yielded very little in prospects for me.  But this isn’t a lament about my present state of life, it’s about Second Life.

Life has been pretty dark for me since, well, forever. I know that sounds dismal and that I’m complaining, but hold the pity or the eye-rolling. Despite depressive bouts, dealing with health problems and anxiety issues, I’m a pretty happy person and manage to always look on the bright side of things. Sometimes, though, to keep trucking along, it’s always nice to have a tool in hand to distract/entertain/give you something to look forward to, and for me that is writing. Roleplaying.

Before I came to Second Life, I was an AOL RP’er. I hung out in AOL Gor and AOL Rhydin off and on from 1997 (when it was SO cool!) to about 2007. It was a great fun for me and I made valuable online friendships – some which continue to this day – but like all great things, it ended. On a whim of pure boredom, I decided to give the Second Life thing a try. I put my character’s name as my login and was immediately overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the new things to explore.

It took me a bit to find other people besides those in the welcome area. I remember being fascinated by AO, by clothes (had to figure out how to get those!), and by landscaping. Redgrave was the first store I found that wasn’t freebie central, followed by Death Row Designs. I thought I was total hot sh*t.

I found Ravenhurst during my quest to find Roleplay. I signed up, put in the crappiest character app ever, and was accepted with open arms. I found everything I could have ever wanted in Ravenhurst. Good storytelling, imaginative people, a wonderful setting… I made very good friends – and then eventually enemies – with some, but I found a select bunch that I would probably jump off a bridge with and/or get arrested with if the opportunity presented itself. They make my Second Life and in some ways they add a little love to my Real Life, too.

I started blogging in 2012. My friend Naz showed me Harvest Dezno’s blog and from there I found Cae Hancroft’s blog. These two blogs – along with others – became my chief source of shopping and monitoring new releases. Eventually, as a means to cut into RP, and because I enjoy snapshots in SL so much, I decided to start blogging, too. For this, I have to give Kismet Faith a lot of props. She was sort of my bloggess mentor.  I have to give props to Strawberry Singh and Sophee Mojo as well, because they both made me appreciate snapshots that much more. Then I found Luna’s color challenge and I became a snapshot addict. Eventually, as a means of occupying time and the desire to re-create photographs of real life, I opened a pose store called Picture This! Poses. It’s my baby for now. I don’t see it growing in a huge to-do for me, but sometimes it is and it’s an enjoyable experience.

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Besides my friends, another really positive thing that Second Life has brought me is Ant (splatnuk.windang). I met him last June in the Petite Avatar Kingdom of all places. He was there with a friend; I was there checking out tiny merchandise for my petite. We became fast friends pretty instantly and from there we started spending a lot of virtual time together. I got to meet him in Real Life in late October. We are still together.

Bio: Keliah Angelis is: A role-player and a story teller, a shop-a-holic, a pose maker, a photoshop junkie, a photographer, and ruler of the universe.


One thought on “Keliah Angelis

  1. Omg! I just passed on a few minor tips to you! I’m so glad they helped you become the awesome blogger you are today. Great post! You will get a job you love eventually.

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